PPSSPP: 6 frames of internal latency

I always felt the PPSSPP core to be very laggy compared to my real PSP, but never really investigated.

So today I tried a few games with the single frame stepping method (pause + k), to get the internal latency. Tried three games:

  • Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles: 6 frames of latency
  • Pinball Dreams: 6 frames of latency
  • Parodius Portable (tried both the first and second Parodius from the menu): 6 frames of latency

Intuitively I would say something is off with the emulator implementation or the libretro core.

Does somebody possibly know whether this internal lag is correct or not?

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This sounds as bad as the Mednafen Saturn core.

Can you feel any difference in standalone PPSSPP?

so ppsspp needs more hacking too?