PSX Vulkan and texture filtering?

I noticed the texture filtering option on the mednafenpsx core has no effect on textures and 2D elements whatsoever. Is this due to incompleteness of just me? I’m running Windows 7 with a Radeon r9 280x, latest drivers. I can’t say if it works in ogl mode because that mode doesn’t display any graphics for me.

The texture filtering is only in OGL currently. I had some ideas for adding it to the Vulkan renderer but I don’t have the hardware to test/develop it, unfortunately.

As long as it’s not my fault I can sleep again. Is anti-aliasing a possibility for the core at all, while I’m at it? Thanks.

We have some fullscreen AA slang shaders you can try. FXAA, SMAA, etc.

Ok well that explains the weird results I was getting with filtering in Vulkan. Well, partially… What is strange is that adaptive smoothing does filter some stuff in Vulkan mode? It seemed to be forcing filtering on everything, GUI and all.

Yeah Vulkan seems to filter the UI/menus for me too lol.

Is dithering not working for the vulkan driver right now, or the hw core in general?

Just wondering what you need to implement this? What hardware are you lacking?

I need a vulkan-capable GPU on a machine where I can also build the core. Currently, I can build the core at home but have no way to test it (that is, no vulkan-capable GPU), and I can test it on my work machine but can’t build there (that is, vulkan-capable GPU but no working buildchain) -_-

Well I have a spare GTX970 if that would help, and if you’d be willing to try?

Oh nice, ok, thanks for the offer! Lemme try some stuff here on my end and I’ll let you know if that would get me fixed up.

No worries, it’s only sitting in my cupboard. And I don’t have a ton of money (or skills!) to contribute to libretro, sadly.

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Had a chance to look into this at all? Really want texture filtering in Beetle…

hey, no, haven’t had a chance yet. I’ll try to get to it this weekend.

Hello! I see texture filtering applies on the 3D and 2D graphics… Is there any chance to apply bilinear filtering only on 3D models instead of 3D and 2D elements?

I Really like the results of bilinear filtering like a little blurry on 3D textures, but the 2D display seems pretty bad for me. I don’t know if this can be done.

Thank you :smile: