PUAE Digital to Analogue

Having some problems setting Digital to Analogue on PUAE. It seems to work fine on my other cores (Atari 2600, Megadrive etc.) but it gives conflicting inputs on PUAE. Does anyone else have this problem or know a solution?

The core uses analog sticks natively for mouse, meaning that you must use the (Forced) ones to be able to override them.

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Thanks, that does make it clearer what is happening. (Forced) doesn’t seem to fix the issue though, my analogue inputs are still detected as mouse inputs.

Forced ones work fine here though… Analog sticks become D-Pad, as in joystick input.

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I had a look in the options and found that the mouse was set to both analogue sticks. I changed that to right only. left analogue (forced) works perfectly now, thanks.

I have it on “Both” and it makes no difference to AtD.