PX68k Crashing when Loading Content

I’ve been trying to load Nemesis '90 Kai using the PX68k core and each time I just get a brief white screen followed by the frontend crashing.

RetroArch is version 1.9.12 (Windows 10 x64) and the core is up to date. The BIOS files for the core are all in the appropriate location of .\system\keropi and I have verified the md5sums against the values on the core documentation.

The roms are from the Neo Kobe set (Nemesis '90 Kai (Disk A/B).hdm) with both disks listed in an .m3u file I am loading from. Although, I have tried different roms (some of which are only single disk) and it seems like the core is crashing on anything I try to load. I am able to start the core without content to access the PX68k menu, but trying to load content from this menu also triggers the crash.

Try using the core from 1.9.11 stable: http://buildbot.libretro.com/stable/1.9.11/windows/x86_64/RetroArch_cores.7z

There was a recently discovered issue with a couple of cores (including this one) that may be related and is going to take some time to sort out.


Yep, that did it! Thanks for the very fast response.

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The failures still continue with this core, it is curious because it should not be so complicated to see what happens, since it is not that it fails to load something specific, it is that it does not load anything.

No crash and no game loading now…

here’s a direct link to a working build: https://github.com/hunterk/libretro_builds/releases/download/Windows_64-bit/px68k_libretro.dll.zip


I thought I was going CRAZY. I hadn’t tried to do anything with this in a long time, and was throwing all kinds of variables and going through my logs with a fine-toothed comb.

You mentioned it was affecting a few cores? Is there a list documented anywhere you could point me to? I’m revamping a lot of my system this week and I’d like to avoid running into it, if I can.

Either way, thank you for the stable core link. <3

I think it’s just picodrive (fixed), px68k and np2kai

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Glad I asked, lol NEC-98 was coming up on the to-do list haha. Thank you for the information and the quick response.

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