PX68K Help?

I’ve just started using the PX68K core for the Sharp X68000. I was able to setup all the BIOS files just fine, and I can load certain games like Space Harrier.

However, when I try to load Castlevania (Akumajou Dracula) I get this screen. I can’t read a single bit of this lol and I can’t find any information on what to do. No matter what option I pick I just get a black screen that goes nowhere.

I tried upping the RAM in the core options, but it didn’t change anything. Is there something else I need to set?

Please select “1・X68000内蔵音源”. After that, I think background music is ringing, so if you wait for a while the game will start.


That totally worked! Thank you. I didn’t have the sound up high enough to hear the music before haha. It takes a fair bit to load too which I didn’t anticipate.

Thanks a bunch man! :smiley:

Hello. I’ve just made an account here and it doesn’t seem like I can post a new thread so I think this is the best place to ask a question regarding the PX68K Core.

I am able to run games without issues through Retroarch and after make m3u files for multi disks games.

My question is : how do I save my games? The core does not support save states. As an exemple, I am currently playing Aquales, and at the start you do have to make a “new game” file, but when I close Retroarch, nothing is saved anywhere. I know how to access the x68 system by pressing the left trigger, but other than loading a disk through there, I don’t see how to save.

Any ideas? thanks!!!

I don’t think new accounts can post new topics until a verification, or a couple likes or something - It helps cut down on bot-accounts I think.

As for saving, I’m not sure. I know with MSX we are (or at least were) in this grey area where save-states weren’t setup to work yet, and there was no core method for saving. It made trying to play Metal Gear kind of impossible.

My best ‘guess’ is that’s where we are at for X68000 as well. I haven’t played this system much as I had a digital meltdown and just haven’t circled back as of yet unfortunately.