[Python] Download thumbnails by playlists and found oprhan roms

I did 2 python scripts for my PSC and already shared on reddit but I was thinking that share here is better.

Readme at: https://github.com/Mte90/My-Scripts/tree/master/retroarch

In RetroArch 1.7.8 we now have this possibility:

Playlist Thumbnails Updater

This PR adds a new entry to the online updater: Playlist Thumbnails Updater

This opens a menu that displays all existing playlists. When one is selected, each entry of the playlist is scanned, and any missing thumbnails are downloaded.

This is a lighter alternative to using the huge thumbnail zip archives, and it should work on consoles etc. that have limited RAM. (It also saves disk space, since we only download what we’re going to use).

On-demand thumbnail downloading

This will auto-scrape thumbnails for a game when the user hovers over it inside a playlist. You can enable this option inside Online Updater and/or Settings – Network. NOTE: We have disabled this by default since this does do a HTTP request for every playlist entry that does not have thumbnails installed already.

Cool I didn’t saw that in the last release!

PSC doesn’t have internet support for my use the scripts are perfect that I can run manually on another device.

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