Quake II (vitaquake) can't start a new game

I played a bit of Quake 2 and reached level 3 or so. Then i wanted to play the game from the start. But when i quit and chose to play a new game, the game starts from level 1 but everything is cleared. All enemies i killed are dead and items are picked.

I didn’t load any save game or anything. Just started a game, chose a difficulty and played. Normally, this starts a new game but it seems like vitaquake remembers everything i did regardless… The only way to play a new game is to delete the saves folder. Which is not ideal because i want to keep my game progress but also be able to play from the start.

Depending on Platform and version of RetroArch/Lakka OS will help others find your anwser. It may be a problem that tends to occur with a nightly build/ platform etc.

RetroArch 1.9.4 on Windows 10.