Quake soundtrack support dosbox?

I know there’s at least a dozen way to play this without emulation, but is there any way to get the game’s soundtrack to play via dosbox? I’m only pursuing this because i want to use Retroach shaders.

Game runs way to slow for me the way I have it set up right now. I just took the exodos v4 version and loaded it through the SVN core via .conf file. I notice eXo actually uses a special “ece” build of dosbox for this game:

Not sure why/if it’s really needed though. It mentions a “pixel perfect patch” that I kind of thought I wouldn’t need since I let the HSM shader handle all the scaling stuff… I dunno, maybe a core off this build would help?

A quick look at the TyrQuake doc shows that it does support cd audio:

Does involve ripping the tracks off the cd to .ogg format though. Might have to check this out before fiddling too much more with dosbox.

DosBox-Pure with the Quake.zip from the ExoDOS pack, runs the game with CD music out of the box for me.


I was hoping to avoid using zip files. It’s fairly quick for non cd games but there are a few 2 and 3 cd games in the collection. Nothing else in my system takes that long to load. CHD, CSO, PBP… most systems have a better alternative.

Space is not an issue for me. I would rather buy another drive and run them all un-compressed than to put up with long load times. So far I have gotten pretty good results getting games to “run” by just installing the games and using the.conf. So far this has been just a quick load though, I have not actually tested for any speed/play-ability yet. That will be much more time consuming but that’s ok, I am not working on any kind of deadline here, this is just a “hobby” for me.

I imagine the end result will be using all the different methods depending on the performance of each game… on my particular system. Ok I am rambling a bit now but if any like minded folk have any tips on how to run at least the cd games with the SVN core in a playable state, please share. :slight_smile:

I don’t have a huge experience with DOS games or DosBox but loading any game so far from the ExoDOS pack results in zero loading times for me. Doesn’t matter if it’s a CD based or regular game. I just load the zip like i would any console based ROM file and it instantly loads.

Do you mean it makes in-game, native loading slower maybe? Or maybe you have a slow system or something? I’m using a 6 year old PC.

DosBox pure was a godsend for me, the ability to load zips in the same manner as console roms made the whole thing so much easier to use and trouble free. While it’s not perfect, i still get a much higher percentage of games where the CD audio or sound blaster audio works out of the box, without configuring anything at all.

I know i’m not helping you at all with my post since you are asking for something else but maybe you could give DosBox-Pure a chance?


You are helping! Yes just as I figured, all methods will need to be used. Quake works great in Pure. I am shocked at how quick it is working with (or extracting in the background?) zip files. Really makes me wonder why SVN is choking so bad on this game. Still might be interesting to see how TyrQuake runs.

A quick try of a couple of the bigger (multi cd) games: Links LS 1997 and Ripper (1996) show that they do not load in Pure. No files are found in the archive. Both these games run fine with SVN core.

Tried a couple more, Wing Commander 3 and 4 loaded fine in Pure… although I did have to try several exe’s to find the one that actually loaded the game. Again, just checking the load, will have to actually play these games on both cores to see if there is any benefit to one or the other.

This set needs a lot of love.