Question about cores being updated

In the latest blog for the new version 1.9.0 there is a mention about “better” Dolphin and Citra cores. However, there is no information about the cores being updated closer to the standalone versions.

They do mention that for PPSSPP though. However, i don’t know how i can check that… In the menu, it doesn’t say which version it is. Is there a way to check?

One last thing. It’s been more than a year since Mednafen Saturn was updated. Core version is still 1.22.2 (from April last year) while the standalone is already at 1.25.0. There are a lot of Saturn fixes during that time and the core is left behind. Are we going to see an update or is there something that prevents that from happening?

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The best way to tell is to go to the github repo and see how many commits behind it is.

I just rebased Citra to the latest master last night, but the buildbot doesn’t seem to have built it yet.

For Dolphin, I believe twinaphex is working on a hard-fork that will be more integrated with libretro. The lockstep-update-treadmill is particularly unrewarding in the case of Dolphin, where we’re making a bunch of sacrifices in integration to avoid diverging from upstream and the bulk of users still say “just use standalone,” so we’re going to try hard-forking and doing our own thing there for a while. I believe the plan is to make a separate, differently-named core to avoid conflict and confusion, and if someone wants to re-sync the existing upstream-friendly core, they can.

For Beetle-Saturn, Mednafen started using some more modern compiler tricks that are incompatible with many of the platforms we support, so it’s not a simple update/resync there.


Would this new Dolphin fork be based on the current Libretro core or would it be rebased on the most current up to date Dolphin?

Dolphin recently introduced the RVZ image format that fixes many of the problems that other compression formats have (like Nkit GCZ’s increased load times) in Dolphin. But the Libretro core currently can’t support RVZ because it requires the updated Dolphin.

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Dunno, I haven’t been involved with it, myself. I’m gonna guess it’s based on the current libretro core, though.

So unless the make Changes just have to use the Standalone Medafan Emulator for the Latest Saturn Core/Emulator?

Yeah, for now at least, if beetle-saturn isn’t cutting it for you, mednafen is a good alternative.

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Works fine for me at Moment but I also have the Standalone one on my Computer IF needed

There is SSF as well.