Question about Final Burn Neo

Just wondering why Final Burn Neo is telling me about keyfiles. I can not get it to work. Is there some bios that is needed?

Everything you need to know is at

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thank you, will check it out!

Ok I have tried to do what it says on that page. It was mostly confusing. So arcade games are not just to “boot and play” in Retroarch?

They are if you use the right romsets.

hmm I have tried several different. I can get some to run with different cores. But none that works with achievements. I have not made any romset work with final burn neo.

Everything about building the right romsets is covered in the documentation, “trying several different” isn’t what’s explained in the documentation, i can’t help you beyond that.

It looks like the Validating ROM Collections link on that page is dead, so here’s another way:

  1. Download ROMVault.
  2. Download an FBNeo DAT (you’ll probably want the “Arcade only” one).
  3. Drop the DAT file in the DATRoot folder.
  4. Drop your ROMs in the ToSort folder.
  5. Launch ROMVault and click (in this order): Update DATs > Scan ROMs > Find Fixes > Fix ROMs

After scanning, click the DAT name in the left window pane and you can see whether you have a complete or incomplete ROM in the panel at the top-right. Rebuilt ROMs are placed in the ROMRoot folder. Note that the default setting will give you “split” ROM sets but you can set it to “Merged” or “Non-merged” by right-clicking the DAT name in the left window pane.

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Thanks for letting me know, i guess using an external tutorial wasn’t a good idea in the first place. I’ll try to fix it soon.

On a sidenote, not having that link shouldn’t be a major issue for anyone putting minimal effort : there are literally hundreds of tutorials, posts and videos explaining clrmamepro/romvault/whatever usage on internet.

I got it working now. Thank you Stone_McCoy!