Question about flycast

Hi, I recently upgraded my CPU from a 4790k to a 10700k and everything seems to be great except Flycast stutters like crazy now in games like Shenmue 2. I constantly go from 60 fps down to the 30s and 40s for a second then back to 60. It’s really frustrating because I figured it would run Flycast way better than my older CPU. I was wondering if there are any known issues or workarounds? I use Vulkan driver but i got the same issues when I tried GL. Thanks!

sounds like a performance profile / power consumption issue. Try setting your OS’ profile to ‘max performance’.

What happens is that, when you get a really fast CPU, it’ll finish the emulation process really quickly (like, a few milliseconds) and then the CPU idles until it’s time to do the next frame. If your OS is aggressive about power-savings, it’ll see that the CPU is idling and clock it down to save power. However, once it’s clocked down, the idle speed isn’t fast enough to emulate a frame in one frame period (i.e. ~16 ms), so you start dropping frames. Then the OS notices the problem and clocks it back up. Rinse / repeat.


Thanks for the reply. I actually found out it was running a program called HWinfo while running Retroarch or other games. For some reason it was causing stuttering all over the place for me.

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