Question about snes9x core development


I see on the snes9x forum that versions 1.57 and 1.58 have been released and they have many libretro-related improvements. Why can’t I see these commits here:

I am not complaining, just trying to understand the way the development moves. My core says it’s 1.56.2 on my PS Classic.

Secondary question: The snes9x 2010 (or whichever year it is) is it for low-spec machines that can’t run the main snes9x properly?


We stick very closely to upstream for snes9x. I just put in a PR to update it to match upstream and it was only 20 commits behind, mostly related to their non-libretro interfaces. Dunno why the version is reporting it as being that old, since it was last updated like 2-3 weeks ago or so.

yeah, 2010 is an older snapshot that you shouldn’t mess with unless you can’t get full speed with the up-to-date version. That’s typically the case for any cores with years after their names, with older years indicating faster speed at the cost of reduced accuracy.