RA Shortcut Creator (Windows)

This is a quick (and messy) shortcut creator for Retroarch

It has been possible to create desktop shortcuts for Retroarch by simply creating a batch script that would launch the proper command. But creating these manually can be a chore (if this route is your cup of tea).

This is a python script that will allow you to create many shortcuts quickly and easily.

Before you run the file for the first time, open the file and paste your file paths inside the quotes. (Note: you have to add double slashes for your rom path. I am not entirely sure why this is needed, I am new to python.)

The file will have you select a core, and then a rom. You can only do one system at a time (whichever rom folder you select). There is no batch option currently, so you will have to keep typing “yes” then the next game shortcut you want to make.

The bat files will be created in whichever folder the py file is in.

WINDOWS ONLY AFAIK not sure if bat files are on other platforms.

I am new to python, so please excuse messy coding and strange organization of code.

link: https://github.com/lilbud/ra_shortcut_maker.py