Real CD/DVD read support

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I don’t think that posting your question here is the best way to attract feedback, unfortunately. I’m not a RetroArch developer but for what it’s worth as a coder who occasionally contributes to libretro I would say that:

  1. CD/DVD hardware access comes up from time to time as a request
  2. To my knowledge the RA developers have never said they were against the request – that’s a good sign!
  3. I’d recommend separating burning/writing into its own request from read access.

Are you still interested in pursuing this bounty? If so post again and maybe I can help bring a little more attention to your bounty idea.

Thank you. I am still interested and I don’t mind splitting it up into two separate bounties. Where would you suggest that I post instead?

I’m trying to see if I can find a gaming focused OS for an older mini PC that can play DVD movies and CD music. I’m guessing based on your post, focused on software and data optical disks though it is, that Lakka can’t do this? Since Lakka comes from LibreELEC…

I definitely think this might have to happen - it could take some of the wind out of the sails of all these kickstarted retro emulation boxes that have as their sole USP some CD/DVD drive to run original content with. That stuff should really be made open and something like RetroArch should just work out of the box with it without having to pay anybody to buy some proprietary, locked-down box.

So sure, if you guys want to get some bounties started so we can democratize and liberalize this stuff, by all means, I’m all for it.

@anothername99 there you have it – Twinaphex is the lead developer of RetroArch so I think this is a sign to go forward. IMO the next step is for you to post a github issue in the RetroArch github tracker:

In other words, if you are willing to split the bounty into two parts, that would mean the next step is to post a github issue about CD/DVD read access. Once the issue is created, then you or anyone else turn the issue into a bounty by pasting the github issue link into bountysource.

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Thanks, I updated the first post. For reference though, where would normally be the best place to get feedback on a potential bounty?

I feel like I should elaborate on what I wrote about getting feedback on a bounty idea up in my first reply. At that moment, I wanted you to know that you weren’t being ignored – in other words, I didn’t want to you think that you were following protocol and no one was interested in your idea. :slight_smile: That was not the case.

I can see how it also seems like I was implying there was a better protocol to use for feedback on bounties. I’m going to tag @hunterk here since they do a lot more work here on the forums than I do and may have a more correct answer. My answer is that as someone new to contributing the project, there was (and is) no path that is necessarily better for you to ask your question.

There are quite a few developers who contribute to RetroArch and other libretro projects but this project is structured in a very loose way. That may be why it’s successful! But in reality for someone coming into the decision making process for the first time it comes down to making contact with one or more libretro volunteers.

Anyway, in my opinion you would have been well within rights to bump this thread once or twice. The libretro Discord chat server, and particularly the #programming channel, are probably the most reliable way to get in touch with a coder. That would also be a viable place for you to get feedback on future bounty ideas. This is the link to the server if you are interested:

Again I don’t think there is anywhere this is laid out, so you are doing great and thanks for bearing with the process. Also, thank you for contributing to the bounty and getting it off on a strong footing!

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