Reicast doesn’t load Custom Textures (virtua tennis 2 hd mod-resolved)


I couldnt change the color of the court because, when the ball hits the floor it leaves a light blue mark, and , with another color of floor, it would look weird.

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Here a video with some changes on the photos of the character select and court select. Work in progress.





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New 1st version (old):

new 2nd version:

I think the new one looks more like clay than the first version (the first version look more like sand than clay)


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I downloaded a cracked version of Gigapixel, and test some textures, specially the difficult ones like the faces.

And the results are really good, and the effort is minimal, look at the zone of the cheek and the hair under the front band:

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That looks good.

Would you be able to use Gigapixel to upscale the other textures that you were having tiling issues with?


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YEAH, this program will help me a lot.

Still in some places its better to apply new textures because this program can add only some detail to images so, it will be 50/50.

But yes, this program its like magic.


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The problem is that, I cant take all textures, apply Gigapixel on them , and then reinject them in the game. Because a lot of textures crashes the game if you modify them (resolution). For example, knees, elbows, some posters with advertisements.

Even in character select screen and stage select, if the resolution of the images is higher than 900x900, the game sometime crashes when is loading some images of the characters, stages.

I dont know if its an emulator problem (a kind of limitation or bug of custom texture support in Reincast) , game engine problem, or what else could be. One must constantly be testing if the game doesnt crash, and if it does, see the modified texture that produces the problem and take it out (or lower the resolution a little)