Removing the Expansion Pak in Mupen64Plus

How does one do this? I am attempting to play a game with Mupen64Plus, but the Expansion Pak slows the framerate down. Thanks for at least reading.

Have you found a solution for this problem? I tried running Indiana Jones on Mupen64Plus Next on my Pi4 in Lakka (2.3.1). In 640x480 it’s to slow and the sound is choppy. When I lower the resolution to 320x240, it runs fine, but the text is unreadable. My guess is the game still thinks it runs on a system with the Expansion Pak and uses the font for this version instead of the base version, so I wonder too, if there is a way to disable the Expansion Pak. I already tried editing the games config in Retroarch by adding

mupen64plus_disableExtraMemory = “True”

but it didn’t changed anything.

There is currently no option on mupen64plus_next_libretro for disabling extra memory.

There is an option in mupen64plus.ini called “DisableExtraMem”, which is a per game option, but said file doesn’t seem user writable (the core overwrites any changes made by hand to the file).

I suggest you to request the feature on github or right here in the forums. I wish you good luck :slight_smile:

What if you make the .ini file read only?

@ RiskyJumps, thanks for the quick reply, I opened an issue over at Githun

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I just tried and the core seems to ignore all changes to the file anyway.
It works! But you have to make sure you are editing the right entry. Quick steps: decompress your ROM, calculate md5sum and search for it in the file, then add “DisableExtraMem=1” and make the file read only.

IIRC, PJ64 standalone emulator gives you the actual game/rom name that you can use on it’s window when the game is running. I remember saving settings per game for the graphics plugin this way.

Could be faster than using md5.

Answer from m4xw over at github

Ini is embedded and overwritten. But sure will add it.

It seems support is coming.

I am not very familiar with Linux, I use the latest Lakka distribution and as far as I see, there is no way to access the Mupen64plus.ini file as I can’t access home/user/retroarch on Lakka. At least I can’t find it when logging into my Pi via Putty. Correct?

Nevermind, I found the ini File and made the changes, I made it read only with the chattr command, but it isn’t working. Same as before, Indiana Jones thinks it is running with the Expansion Pak.

It does work. Just make sure you follow the steps in my previous post (pay attention to the option name, it’s DisableExtraMem=1), and then sudo chattr +i mupen64plus.ini.

But… maybe it won’t matter anymore, let’s cross fingers:

I will try again, thanks for the heads up. A core option would be great. :slight_smile:

You know, @Chris23235, I think they are not gonna add that core option any time soon if ever.

I’ll just give you a file with all entries edited except for the games that won’t boot without expansion pak. In my system it goes in ~/.config/retroarch/system/Mupen64plus/mupen64plus.ini, I don’t know about Lakka. Enjoy :slight_smile:

Many thanks, it works :slight_smile: You helped me a lot, not sure what I did wrong, your file looks exactly like mine, but yours works like charm, mine didn’t :wink:

Lakka doesn’t seem to make any difference. I still hope for a core uption, but until then this is very helpful.

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Heads up! It made it:

Don’t forget to close your github issue if you can.

That’s great news :slight_smile: Thanks for keeping me posted. m4xw already closed the ticket. Thanks again for your help.

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