Requesting MAME 2017 0.184 Core

Does anyone have the older MAME 2017 core?

It was never released as a 2017 version, but I think it was the “MAME - Current” core in RetroArch 1.5.

I need it for Windows (64-bit), Linux (64-bit), and Android (64-bit & 32-bit). But I will take anything you have.

Why specifically 0.184?

That’s the MAME Standalone version I have that works with Pong TTL.

I just tested Standalone 0.193 (2017), 0.205 (2018), 0.217 (2019), and they also work. Current 2021 version works, but the Pong game listed as “external” doesn’t.

None of the RetroArch MAME cores work with Pong TTL. So I’m just guessing the older cores might work.

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The MAME ROM contains “pong.netlist” so I am assuming TTL. (Since TTL are handle by netlist.) It runs fine on the Current core.

I’ve tried with / pong.netlist and MAME Current core, but I get this error.

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The only thing I can suggest is if you have a “MAME” folder within your “config” folder, rename it to MAMEOLD (Or something) to rule out config errors.

BTW. I can also get it to run on MAME (Current) cores ver. 0.232, and 0.220. It does NOT run on 0.214. It expects a efferent pong.nelist length.)

Make sure your is a newer version.

My pong.netlist (Extracted from the ZIP.) SHA-1 checksum is:


I was able to get the correct SHA-1 version. It works on Current core. Thanks.

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For anyone reading this post… Retroarch MAME 101…

  1. Always make sure you are using a romset version that matches your core version.
  2. Always use a non-merged romset. (You can use a merged set if you like, but you will only have the choice of emulating Parent ROMS and not Clones. e.g. Puck Man but not Hangly)
  • This is not stricty true. If you are using another front-end like Launchbox and have mame_boot_from_cli = "enabled" in your MAME.opt, you can run clones with a merged set.
  1. If using MAME Software Lists, make sure your hash.xml is from the same MAME version.

I am glad you got it working. :grin: