RetroArch 1.3.6+ Beta released for PlayStation3 - PS3 is back!

See this link for more details -

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Great to see it back.

Thanks to everyone involved. .

Great to see a new version out. Was excited to give it a shot, but I’m just getting a black screen when launching the DEX version. Anybody else in the same boat?

Apologies in advance if this is the wrong place to inquire.

It works fine here. What are you using? A devkit ps3? or a rebug dex cfw? Make sure you set ‘Release Check Mode’ on ‘Development Mode’ in the ‘Debug Settings’, then it’ll work.

‘Release Check Mode’ is set to ‘Development Mode’ already on My PS3, which is on PS3ita 4.65 DEX with Cobra.

Your issue could be related to your cfw not supporting fully the fselfs or to your fake debug idps not leaving the fself fully working, so you could try to load the cex version and see if it works for you.

Gave both CEX and DEX versions another try, just in case. CEX gives me the “An error occurred during the start operation (80010017)” message and returns me to XMB, which makes sense. DEX, however, just brings me to a black screen from which I can only shut down the console. You’re probably right, though. It may just be a firmware related issue.

The error you get when you load the cex version is just because the ps3ita dex cfw only support fselfs, so it’s right running them, but the behaviour is different than a devkit, hmm i have an idea…

Quick test last night, and all see seemed to be working good.

Prosystem still has the same issue as the last beta where it’s not calling the internal DB to recognize games that have alternate bankswitching schemes, like it does in the windows and android ports.

games to test specifically are Double Dragon (black screen) and Kung Fu Master (garbled graphics)

@iblis121 try to install again the DEX version and then install over it this fix!dRBxkDhS!CinYR8OTps75DE-oZ9wcXAWviQC8uV5rB1UWHiXgK5w Let me know if it works.

@underball is that issue only on ps3 port? did you figure out if it comes from core or from retroarch? Just to know…

It’s only the PS3 port. That core works fine on the Windows and Android ports. not sure what’s different between PS3 and Windows/Droid ports that would cause one core to misbehave.

the bigger problem is that whomever ported the emulator itself to Retroarch modified the source to make the Prosystem.dat DB file part of the compiled core, rather than an external support file as it is in every other port of the source. The prosystem.dat file needs to be a separate, user-editable file, because hacks and homebrew games with non-standard bankswitching, and audio won’t be properly detected by the emu’s core if it’s not updated. But end users can’t update the db if it’s compiled as part of the core. But that appears to be a separate issue, as the self-contained DB in the core for the retroarch Windows and Android ports is working fine with whichever source they used.

[QUOTE=Ezio_PS;44199]@iblis121 try to install again the DEX version and then install over it this fix!dRBxkDhS!CinYR8OTps75DE-oZ9wcXAWviQC8uV5rB1UWHiXgK5w Let me know if it works[/QUOTE]

Just gave it a try and was greeted by the black screen once more. No changes in behavior.

Works fine on latest REBUG CFW. All good. Nice Job Guys.

Will there be more cores added in the future?

I registered to this forum just to thank you for this PS3 port. This is awesome, thank you so much to everyone involved!

I encountered a few issues at first, but by deinstalling/reinstalling, it seems to work nicely now. The only reproducible bug is when I try to set the “Force PAL60” option in the video settings: when I do so, the PS3 freezes.


Thank you guys so much for your time and hard work… I was able to retroarch to initially boot up but now I have to start up multi man and exit multi man before I can boot up retroarch again… When I try to boot up retroarch without multi man it goes back to the PS3 dashboard… When I get home from work I can tell you guys what version of Rebug I am on…

@iblis21 it’s surely a signature issue coming from some limitations of the cfw, it should be pretty simple to fix, if you provide me the eboot of a signed homebrew i could copy that signature for retroarch. Can you load retail games and updated patches for retail games on your cfw? Or do you need of a debug eboot every time? Probably signing the staff with higher keys could work (4.xx) since i use the lowest possible (3.41) to get largest possible cfw support. So i would have other two idea to test that could allow you to load retroarch on your end.

@ransom2211 i’m always hunting for new cores, but this is surely the build with more cores never released, hehehe. A big thanks to all the developers included. :slight_smile:

@Getsomegames any interference with the payload loaded by multiman? no idea tbh…

Great to see your hunting for new cores. Jaguar core is pointless on ps3 tried every jaguar game nothing runs smooth. And sound is pathetic in emulation. Any chance seeing any tweaks on the jaguar core for Better performance?

Just to clarify my earlier bug reporting, so that those working on the PS3 port are aware:

Atari 7800 (prosystem) doesn’t launch fine. The original windows version of the Prosystem Emu, and every other port besides the RetroArch version, relies on the external Prosystem.DAT Db file (which gets installed in the EMU’s install folder alongside it’s executable) to call on the game rom’s hash value from it’s index, to recognize and properly parse bankswitching, audio, and regional options for non-standard games. Whomever ported Prosystem to Retroarch altered the coding of the original emulator to incorporate the Prosystem.DAT file info into the Core SELF file, instead of leaving it as a separate file that users can access and update.

This creates two problems:

  1. The Prosystem.dat file is no longer user accessible, which makes it impossible to update for new homebrews and hack games (which there are dozens in existence and in production/works in progress)

  2. ON the PS3 Retroarch port, this feature is not working. Games that rely on custom bankswitching values from the Prosystem.DAT db data aren’t being called, so those games don’t load and crash Retroarch. - however, this IS working in the Windows and Android Retroarch ports. Something broken in the PS3 port of Retroarch breaks this functionality of the prosystem core, rendering dozens of games unplayable.

Problem #1 can be lived with, as it would take a complete re-write of the core code to correct, and we can always submit db additions to the GIT.

Problem #2 causes 20+ games to not load correctly or at all, that all work just fine in every other port of prosystem. This needs to be fixed for compatibility to be complete.

Games to test this include:

Commando (Atari - Doesn’t load, crashes PS3 console and requires manual restart) Double Dragon (Activision - game doesn’t load, however, you can return to the RA menu) Kung Fu Master (Activision - graphics are garbled, game is unplayable)

Roms of these games can be found here for testing purposes:

However, I am happy to report much improved GUI and overall core reliability in this version. No GUI or Core launching crashes on Atari 2600 or Genesis GX that I could find, and the XMB gui appears smooth and crash free. GREAT WORK!

I can run retail games and updated patches on this CFW without a debug eboot. Not sure how to differentiate between signed and unsigned homebrew, though, otherwise I’d gladly provide an eboot.