Retroarch 1.9.0: Missing Cores?

Hi all,

I recently upgraded from 1.8.7 to 1.9.0 and noticed that the N64, PS2, one of the Saturn, and one of the MAME cores I used to use are gone. So I was wondering if they are actually not included or am I just not seeing them? Also, if they are not all included, is there a way to get them back in Retroarch? Thanks.

Some of the cores haven’t built since the hack we suffered a couple of months ago, but they will return once we get our new and improved automated build infrastructure up and running live.

However, mupen64plus-next and Play! should definitely be available. For up-to-date MAME, you can download it from the repo at or and drop the core lib into your ‘cores’ directory.

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I know you mentioned about Play! core being gone again (from the updater) for the time being, I’m currently also unable to find MAME 2016 and OpenLara, will these be returning at all?

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For some reason, I could never locate again mupen64plus-next. :man_shrugging: