Retroarch 1.9.7 and Genesis Plus GX issue

The recent 16MB (megabyte, not megabit) MegaDrive/Genesis game, Demons of Asteborg, fails to run via Retroarch.

Eke-Eke added support for SRAM in 8MB+ roms, despite using this updated core, content fails to run via Retroarch (failed to load content). Standalone SDL2 version runs the game just fine as do BizHawk.

You can grab the updated core and standalone version from here if needed

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The buildbot core is not built from eke’s upstream repo. The most recent commit to the buildbot’s repo adds support for larger ROMs but doesn’t include the SRAM fix yet. It’ll get in there soon enough, though.

Yes, I know libretro has its own fork.

I’m just curious why it fails to load content with Eke-Ekes core when standalone version can run it without problems. Core is working, other games load fine, not exactly sure why only this one game refuse to run via RA.

[edit] Official libretro core also fails to load it. It should be able to run the game despite the SRAM initialize error.

[edit 2] Aha, MAXROMSIZE needs to be bumped up in loadrom.h, then it works. Get the modified cores from MEGA link above.

The updated core now runs the game, SRAM native saving still won’t work for now though, as ekeeke explains, libretro needs to increase max ROM size in its Makefile.

@ner0 I added the 16mb modified Eke-Eke core to MEGA link in OP. Game is fully playable, SRAM saving is working as well.

That’s great, I hope the fix is officially implemented though.

Any thoughts on why ekeeke argued that the fix should be implemented in libretro Makefile but didn’t patch his own code in the way you went about it?

I’m not sure, but I’m guessing this is why.

Note that I might finallly increase the limit in loadrom.h instead as it is only a 5MB increment and would probably still fit on platforms with limited RAM (still need to check Gamecube standalone port to be sure).

Your best bet for now would be to use the FBNeo core, which already supports that new game. More information about running consoles/computers with FBNeo.


This has been fixed for a little over 2 weeks by Ekeeke in Genesis Plus GX but somehow libretro’s fork keeps burying the fix by not rolling back the temporary fix by pjft, which respectfully shouldn’t have been merged in the first place, and at this point has become an impediment to the actual solution.

Update: Commits were reverted, thanks ds22x!