RetroArch Cannot access parent directories in iOS 12

Right now in RetroArch 1.7.6 on iOS 12 You cannot access the parent directories outside of the RetroArch App Directories iOS /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/“APP ID”/ if you try to go outside the parent from inside this directory it says directory not found. Right now im looking for a tweak or some solution that can allow retroArch to read past the inside of the app’s own directory. Right now RetroArch can not access other parts of the file system in iOS on a Jailbroken Device. If anyone has a solution to this that would be awesome cause every time I sign RetroArch I lose all files stored inside the RetroArch app. This includes roms and saves and even Settings. If you know of a way to backup RetroArch Automatically with a Cydia App that would be awesome.

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i’m definitely necroposting, but I have the same problem (though RetroArch was installed via AltStore)

We have fix this. ;d

It is because RetroArch is in Sandbox.

We use tweak now to take it out of Sandbox and put back to /Var/Mobile/Documents folder. ;d

New version 1.9.14 is native no Sandbox I think too!

No More Sandbox