RetroArch Crashes on Bi-Linear Setting Change

I don’t like bi-linear filtering, so I tried to disable it in the Video settings. However, every time I try to disable it, RetroArch immediately crashes. My operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium, my CPU is an Intel Pentium T4300, and my GPU is the integrated graphics processor on the CPU. Is anyone else having this problem? Can someone help?

I haven’t heard this reported by anyone else, no. Can you post a verbose log of it crashing? A gdb backtrace would be good, too, if the log doesn’t tell us enough.

How would I get a log? What is a gdb backtrace?

Since my last post, I’ve learned that RetroArch crashes when I try to load any games as well.

To get a log, go to settings > user interface and set ‘show advanced options’ to ON, then go to settings > logging and set ‘logging verbosity’ to DEBUG and ‘log to file’ to ON.

You’ll probably want to quit RetroArch once you set these options and then reopen it before you do any of the crashy stuff because your settings changes from that session will get wiped out if/when it crashes.

We’ll need separate logs for each type of crash.

Here are the logs:!2dQQHI6I!WP7D38dSVABmAcAsJPn7SAahF_hoNi-xMhLuxj1W9Ug

Sorry to trouble you, but can you put them somewhere like where I can read them in-browser? I can’t access mega on my current machine.

Here they are:


Game Load:

As a workaround, try to edit the configuration file directly while RA is not running and disable bilinear there. Change video_smooth = "true" to video_smooth = "false".

If RA crashes at startup then revert the edit.

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I don’t see any errors in the bilinear log. Dunno what’s going on there :man_shrugging:

For the game loading one, it looks like you’re missing required BIOS images:

[WARN] Firmware missing: scph5500.bin
[WARN] Firmware missing: scph5502.bin

I added 5500 and 5502, and it still crashed.

Ok, can you get a log of it crashing with those added?

Here you go.

ah, I’m pretty sure your integrated GPU doesn’t have new enough OpenGL to run the HW core.

What version do I need?

Edit: I should also probably mention that RetroArch also crashes whenever I attempt to close it.

Could I change the version of OpenGL required in the core options?

No, your only option is to use the non-HW core’s software renderer.

Is it possible that the default core settings are causing the program to crash? Is there any way to change core settings without playing content?

That can happen sometimes, yes. I don’t think it’s happening here, though. You can change it by manually typing in the options you want into the retroarch-core-options.cfg file.

I can’t seem to find such a file in the RetroArch folder.

You can make one (it’s just a plaintext file) or you can try opening some other core that’s treating you better and change any core option and it should create one for you.