Retroarch crashes using ParaLLEI-RDP Plugin

I’m using the Mupen64Plus-Next core. If I change the RDP Plugin to ParaLLEI-RDP in the Quick Menu, Retroarch crashes. I have no issues using the default plugin.

Does the vulkan video driver normally work for you?

The vulkan video driver works for me. That’s what I’m using now.

that’s the only real prerequisite. What model GPU do you have? Can you post a log of it failing to load?

My laptop has a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti. Here’s the end of the log file.

[libretro INFO] paraLLEl-RDP: Using RDRAM size of 8388608 bytes. [ERROR]: No compatible host pointer types are available. [ERROR]: Failed to allocate RDRAM. [libretro ERROR] This device probably does not support 8/16-bit storage. Make sure you’re using up-to-date drivers!

Hmm, I seem to recall 1060s working, so I would assume a 1050 would work, too… How are your drivers?

Can confirm my 1060 works fine with it. There is no reason a 1050 won’t. Are you sure the laptop is using that and not a low performance crappy intel chip or something? Because laptops have both. Force it to use the 1050.

Yes, I’m forcing it to use the 1050. The GPU Index in Retroarch lists the 1050 being used and I’m using the lastest driver from the ASUS website. It still crashes after trying a clean install of Retroarch.

Maybe it’s an issue similar to this…

Updating the graphics driver from Nvidia’s website fixed the problem. Thanks everyone for the help!