RetroArch - Native CRT Support


That’s a strange one. I’ve never had sync problems. You’ll need VSYNC and audio sync turned on. It will Probably be due to the modelines you have installed. Grroveymame uses dynamic hz which Retroarch does not.

You’ll have to install static modelines. You’ll find the ones you need on the front page of the Retroarch Github.

Also Retroarch has mame with switching so you don’t need both.


I’m trying to enable super resolution but can’t find the super resolution settings under the \Video in Retroarch. Do i have to enable something so they show up? I have CRT Emudriver installed and GroovyMame is running fine with super resolutions.


You need to enable advanced settings. This can be found in user interface I believe.

Once enabled CRTSwitch will be found in video settings.

You need to make sure that you install your super resolutions in static mode not dynamic. RetroArch can do 3840, 2560 and 1920. you need to change these values within the retroarch.cfg file


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Re: $1082 BountySource on RetroArch lagless VSYNC

Question: Does the Native CRT support preserve original machine’s input latencies for mid-screen input reads too, with the CRT module implementation?

EDIT: No, it is refresh cycle granularity, not scanline granularity

(e.g. no surge-execution, no pre-rendering of framebuffer before scanning out, just 1:1 emulator execution speed while having original machine’s lag, streaming scanlines out of graphics output in realtime, aka realtime beam racing – emulator executes at 1:1 original machine speed with no surge-execution, yet is streaming pixels out in realtime, rather tham framebuffering all of them first before display?)

EDIT: The beam racing sync support can be later merged with CRT support, to achieve exact original signal with exact original-machine lag without need for pre-framebuffering).


Lagless VSYNC Support (beam raced synchronization) - [$1082 !]

I’m just trying to research commonalities.

EDIT: Done. Thanks, @Alphanu

P.S. I must compliment you in this great work in CRT support.