RetroArch - Native CRT Support

Thanks, looking forward to it.

On a sidenote, this may have been discussed already, is there a possibility the RGUI font can be used on the “display statistics” overlay when is superres (2560) mode?

I tried installing some ultrawide fonts but even with those the letters are very much compressed (the overlay statistics are close to unreadable when in CRT superres mode).

Hello all, is this native CRT support also working with Intel HD graphics? Ive been reading threads about it as much as i could but from what ive seen so far its either CRT Emudriver for ATI or Soft15Khz for other dedicated GPUs? Hope anyone can clear things up a bit. This is way over my head. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello, thank you for your work! Ive been asking myself what the easiest method is to realize the native CRT support? Ive had my eyes on a Mini-ITX pc with Intel HD graphics, but ive read about limitations regarding the resolutions? What would you suggest hardware-wise + software-wise for a smooth experience without many problems?

Thanks again.

That’s a very good idea, most of the overlay text is quite useless in game even at native res.

Maybe it could be scaled along with the video mode?

Intel and Nvidia graphics cards have too many limitations when it comes to low resolutions and dot clocks. I’ve been testing with am ATI Radeon HD5450 and it’s a great card for the money, unless you want any kind of 3D acceleration outside of retroarch. Any HD5xxx and HD4xxx series card should do, but your mileage may vary.

Some intel gpus play quite well at least with super resolutions, others not so much. A list would be quite useful to be honest.

As far as OS, hands down it’s linux. The best build I’ve found to work without issue is groovyarcade, though Ubuntu should do quite well too. It’d be amazing if Lakka could be recommended but it lacks x11 which CRT switching relies on for linux.

Windows will work but currently the linux code is much more current, it really needs to be worked on and ideally before 1.7.5 drops.

Indeed Intel and NVIDIA dont work (apart older NVIDIA model) For your information, ATI r7 to r9 work quite well, They allow to play ps2/gc/Wii and 3d arcade titles without problem. So you dont need to stick with very old GPU like 4xxx or 5xxx. I personally have a 20€ r7 240 coupled with umsa, but VGA to scart should work. If you use a DVI/hdmi only graphic card, make sure it’s dvi-i and but a DVI to VGA adapter.

Hello, may i ask you how you got your picture lined up so perfectly? I installed CRT-Emudriver on my HD6450 windows system + installed the resolution list via VMM but my picture is not in the center on my Philips consumer CRT. (Also my SNES games show some weird flickering when scrolling horizontally)

Thanks in advance.

Hey, thanks for the input. I read it too late sadly and already got me an old optiplex + HD6450 for cheap lol. Id love to use PCSX2 but sadly there is no core implementation and i like using a frontend to navigate my “console emulation pc”

@Yuke too bad, but enjoy anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

I was wondering if someone could help me this time with linux setup. As I understand that the linux version is really easier regarding the modelines, I installed a ubuntu distro. On the LCD screen, no problems : Retroarch works. But my poor CRT TV can’t display anything (I see the red background but too much flickering, even setting this display to 640x480), I don’t manage to tell retroarch to display on this display. Any advice ?


if you click the little icon in the bottom-left of the screen to bring up the applications list and search for ‘settings’ it should bring up the control panels where you can set some display stuff, like primary display, duplicate/extend, etc.

thank you !

I just managed to get a 15 khz display with a xrandr command line; but avec if I take retroarch to the crt in windowed mode, it switches to the lcd when I type F to get fullscreen…

Did you change the monitor index in settings > video?

Yep, whatever the index is, it sticks to the LCD screen. And if I try to tell Ubuntu to display only on the second screen, it breaks the xrandr setting, and I get a divided deformed screen

Hmm, that sucks :confused:

Not sure what’s going on…

maybe I miss something setting up ubuntu… I just installed ubuntu, installed retroarch and that’s all. Maybe there is something to do with xrandr…

Type xrandr in terminal. What is the video ID for the CRT connection?

Swap the outputs with the CRT LCD!

Currently RA only switched a few IDs I’m trying to incorporate more. But tgere is no menu item for it yet.

Hello, i installed CRT Emu Driver and the resolution list via VMM. When i change Retroarch to “CRT resolution switch” the menu is squeezed together (and i cant change it back now because cant read anything anymore)

Dont know if im missing something and could need some help.

This means the resolution is not changing. You need to make sure you CRT is set as the primary display.

Open the Retroarch.cfg in notepad press and hold ctlr + f. Then type crt to search. Change crt_switch_resolution to 0. crt_switch_resolution = 0 this will turn off switch off. or change it to false if you are using p[re 1.7.5

What resolutions and hz gave you installed? Have you installed them in static mode?

Hello, funny thing is i tried to change it in the configfile but it didnt work. Probably forgot to save it or something…anyways i can read the menu again.

I didnt install it in static mode, dynamic was default in VMM i think and i didnt touch it.

The super.ini file from Calamity installed me like 15 resolutions i think from 2560:240 up to 800 i think…i added 320x240 under Desktop for later. Dont know if this could be the issue tho…

Where can i check if my CRT is the primary display? I didnt do multi monitor setup, just unplugged the vga cable and plugged it into my UMSA after i started EDID Emulation.

Thanks for the help

It will be because you don’t have the correct resolutions installed. you need to install them in static mode and you’ll need this list at minimum:-

2560 x 192 @ 60.000000

2560 x 200 @ 60.000000

2560 x 240 @ 60.000000

2560 x 224 @ 60.000000

2560 x 237 @ 60.000000

2560 x 256 @ 50.000000

2560 x 254 @ 55.000000

2560 x 448 @ 60.000000

2560 x 480 @ 60.000000

have a look here scroll down and you will see a list of resolutions.

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