Retroarch Phoenix (old build)

I try to make Phoenix works with new builds. But I dont understand one thing. Does new Retroarch supports commands from Phoenix(like a MUTE, SAVE_STATE, VOLUME UP etc)? Is it easy way to make it works?

Anything that’s controlled by the config or CLI switches should work with RA-Phoenix, assuming those directives haven’t changed. I think they should mostly still be the same.

It’s not works at all. Retroarch don’t respond on any command from Phoenix. It’s did stoped work after 1.2(or 1.3?) build, when I try to play with Phoenix. Phoenix for Windows is very nice, cause not all players have gamepad for set up.

PS Cfg settings works nice.

PSS Probably menu block stdin?

Phoenix uses RetroArch command interface and that part of the code doesn’t get much love due to the lack of users. It probably broke some time ago.