RetroArch Playlist Buddy - Playlist and thumbnail generation app


sorry i’m very stupid, i was using it on a netbook… i tested on my desktop (intel i7) and some time after i clicked “generate” it started working :smiley: however i have the Mame 2014 rom folder containing 13007 zip files but the playlist generator created a list with only 11398 entries :confused: i have file but “005.png” was not copied into the snapshot directory… why? (i noticed only that but i’m almost sure there are others missing since the snapshot directory only contain 8999 png files :confused: ) can you help me please?


hello again :slight_smile: has noticed some missing games in my playlist. some chd-games seems having no additional romfile - only the CHD-Image is available, i think (for example: hyprdriv, nightrai, psyvaria, psyvarrv, raycris, shikigam, spuzbobl, xiistag, chaoshea). any way to detect this games with the playlist buddy and adding them to playlist?



I used to use the Retroach Playlist Generator 0.94.

Does your playlist generator also cover consoles and other systems, or is it just really for addding aracde emualtors into retroarch.

Sorry if this sounds dumb, I’m having lots of RA issues that I can’t seem to solve since 1.36 grr

Thanks Frank


I apologize for the late reply, but Playlist Buddy is definitely not just for Arcade playlists.


Help put put Playlist Buddy (partly) out of a job!

As of today, if you are using RetroArch and you update your databases via the Online Updater, you will receive the new experimental MAME databases which should be able to scan arcade ROMsets for all of the libretro MAME cores!

This new funtionality needs testers. If you have a moment to test your MAME ROM collection against these new scanner databases, please visit this thread and post your results: Testers needed: New MAME ROMset playlist scanning


This sounds like something I need to try.



@markwkidd Can this program create playlists for CD games like Saturn and Sega CD which can’t be currently scanned by Retroarch and don’t have a DAT?

For example, if I have a Saturn folder with each bin/cue in a separate subfolder:







Can your program parse the folders and create a proper playlist with just the .cue in the playlist without also putting the .bin in the playlist?


I would like to eventually add proper support for .cue playlists. In the meantime I believe you can try this in order to omit the .bin files:

  1. Open Windows Explorer to the directory where your cue/bin collection is located
  2. Use Explorer’s search function to search for all .bin files within that folder and its subfolders
  3. Once the search results are complete, select all bin files, right click, and select Properties
  4. Temporarily change the bin files to be Hidden from the Properties menu.
  5. Leaving that search result window open, run Playlist Buddy. Only .cue files should be added.
  6. Return to the search results, select all bin files, and reverse the process to make sure that they are no longer Hidden


Thanks for the info!


I tried to generate playlist for my Minix X8-H android box and Retroarch said “File could not be loaded from playlist”. I followed the playlist setting for Android and playlist would show up but when I try to run it will not play. What am I doing wrong?

Of course when I use scan directory it works but it takes a lot of time to complete (I have all no-intro games and FB Alpha).


Can you open the generated playlist in Notepad? Then can you please copy and paste two or three entries (18 lines) here in the forum? When you do post the playlist contents, use the “code” formatting tool , (the two angle brackets with a slash in between)


@markwkidd have you thought in saving the config? Sometimes i add a rom, and have to re-scan, would be great if everything would be the same as last time, and just press Generate and done.


I managed to get FBA scanned with the .dat, but I have local boxarts named after the roms ex: ‘’ ; ‘kof95.png’. I know the .png should match the fancy name 'The King of Fighters ‘95 (NGM-084).png’ but I have over 500 hand curated boxarts, is there any automated way of ranaming all of them?


The “standard MAME image repository” option ought to work for you.

The RetroArch thumbnail repository does offer FBA thumbs – that should be another option.


Hello, thanks for your hard work. I just want to have a playlist with correct names (not the zip ones). This program can do it for me? If yes, how? If not, can you link me to the way? I’ve been searching e experiment for 3 days now, without success. Thanks for your attention.


Yes, this tool will give you the proper names for your Arcade collection. Once you start the program, you need the XML DAT file for your MAME version but that is the only thing extra that is required.



In the description you say that the tool is able to create multiple playlists and thumbnail sets simultaneously.

How can I do it?



Multiple playlists can be generated based on the Base ROM Path setting.

In order to generate multiple playlists simultaneously, all of your ROMs need to be organized as subfolders of a “base ROM” folder. The names of their subfolders should be the names you want for each playlist.

For example, on this screenshot, I could generate playlists for these 16 systems simultaneously (although there would be some extra steps for the PlayStation). In order to generate these playlists I would set the Base ROM Path to f:\Lakka Buildout\roms



RetroArch Playlist Editor is an online one by Marc Robledo.



It works very good on Linux with Wine. Retroarch can not scan my Mame GameBoy Color roms. I was be able to generate a playlist for this roms with your soft and Mame Dat.

Thank you.