RetroArch Playlist Buddy - Playlist and thumbnail generation app


Need help with an thumbnail issue getting playlist correctly and was getting thumbs at first now for some reson everything is set right and my new thumbnail folders are coming out empty


i’ve feel despair from there’s no MAME 2016.rdb for playlist. but finally i can reach the make the playlist for mame 2016 now…

Thx for maintenance this tools for us markwkidd.

my ones are much compatibility wide set for 0.175 not the proper 0.174 so… if someone got proper rom set for 0.174, contribute some for libretro-database please.


One update on the “Not Working” filter bug – SAM does correctly filter out romsets if they are marked Unplayable in the catver.ini but it must not be correctly parsing the “Not Working” tags in the DAT file. In other words there is at least partial functionality.


I love this tool, useful but the GUI can be pretty confusing, for example I’m creating playlists for my Vita and it’s really hard to figure out what it means by what paths etc.

Aside from that my main issue is that the playlists don’t seem to get associated with a certain system, whereas within retroarch if I generate a mega drive playlist it will put a little megadrive controller icon on top of the playlist whereas these generated ones just have a blank icon. What gives?


The playlist icons are purely determined by the filename you give your playlist. The filename needs to exactly match the name of retroarch’s icon set for that particular system.

If you name that playlist Sega - Mega Drive - you should get a proper icon.


Is there a way to change retroarch’s playlist iconset / what name it uses? because I’ve got an external SD card setup with everything all my roms / saves / and anything I can point the retroarch main config to so I can swap it between my RPi and my hacked PS Vita and still play games. retropie uses ‘snes’ ‘megadrive’ etc, for some reason the thumbnails work for ‘snes’ but not the others


the first system I scroll to in the XMB menu of RA on the Vita shows thumbnails fine -for every game - doesn’t matter if it’s snes or gamegear, but then when I switch to the next playlist/system, they don’t work at all. there is nothing in the playlist files that can figure this out other than ‘first comes works’


Honestly you will probably get more help with these issues outside of the Playlist Buddy thread. However I will say that it is possible to have playlist icons in addition to the default ones included with RetroArch.

For example, if you look in the RetroSystem theme folder you can see how you need to name your 2 PNG files (one for the overall playlist icon, one for the icon next to individual games in the playlist).

If you created a playlist called Fun Games and you wanted to add icons to RetroSystem, you would add Fun Games.png and Fun Games-content.png to that folder.


Since 1.12, when scanning MAME and FBA Games, I miss a lot of games that I have when scanning with 1.1 (Guwange for example…)

with 1.1 > 1952 games

with 1.13 > 1795 games

EDIT: Solved with 1.2