RetroArch Playlist Buddy - Playlist and thumbnail generation app


Thumbnail search path I tried all of the 3 options

to cut it short my issue is similar to @final_87 post further up…


This is the issue I believe. If you are using a Standard MAME image repository then you need to sort your thumbnails in subfolders using the standard MAME folder names.

Therefore if you thumbnails are snaps, then they should be in: c:\Users\Mario\Desktop\MYTHUMBS\snaps, if they are title screens they should be in: c:\Users\Mario\Desktop\MYTHUMBS\flyers, etc.


OK great it’s working that way!! we have to link directly to the mame folder not main rom folder as in Base Rom Path… Thanks again for your help…just saved me having to rename about 800 roms.


I hope this thread is still alive, I don’t need this playlist buddy for mame (yet). I need it for making playlists on a PS3 and retroarch on PS3 is seriously buggy and almost doesn’t work, it doesn’t work consistently. I can sort of make playlists right now, but the biggest difference I can see is that on line 5 of each room

If the PS3 makes a playlist… On line 5 I get “12345678|crc” and if I make the playlist on my PC with playlist buddy I get “detect”

I’m happy, to provide more screen shots and things I have tried if this thread is still alive and if someone is willing to help me.


Getting my playlists and thumbnails to work on PS3 was a doozy. First off, the prereq’s.

I’m running the latest 4.84.2 rebug CFW. In regards to Retorarch, I use the latest nightly as the older builds seem to have issues.

I have retroarch installed my PC along with a ROMs folder to set everything up. I created the playlists using the online “Retroarch Playlist editor” as Buddy does not support the json format yet (hoping it comes soon). Once the playlists were created, they have to be modified so Retroarch can process them on the PS3. Use “notepad ++” to modify the “path” entry to point to “/dev_hdd0/ROMS/MAME/” (where I store my Roms on my PS3, not your PC Rom path) in the playlist file ( in this instance).

Once finished modifying the playlists, they have to uploaded to the following location on the PS3:


I had to learn how to use Clrmamepro in order to create my DAT file so buddy would download the appropriate thumbnails (experimental mode used). Mame2003 thumbnails downloaded have been put into :


And so far, so good with my MAME playlist and thumbnails on the Playstation 3.

Onto my issues now. Just trying to pull down thumbnails for NES games using experimental or local thumbs and RA Buddy is giving either generating no images or invalid png files (corrupt files) when it comes to non-MAME emulators. I am not using a DAT file (I personally thought it wasn’t required for non Arcade based emulators), le sigh. The quest continues.