RetroArch to CRT via 480i adapter best settings

Hey, dont seem to be able to create new topics so Ill put my questions here since it seems semi relevant to this topic. My question is hooked up my pc to my Sony PVM-9040ME Color Video Monitor and trying to get retroarche to look as good as possible on it. Can someone help me with settings? What resolution should I use? What video settings should I set in retroarche. And also when I change resolution in retroarche, its changes the resolution on my main 1080 display even though retroarche is on and set to the CRT monitor. Ty for you time :slight_smile: EDIT: I do realize my converter outputs everything to 480i instead of the tv native 240p. I just want tips on the best settings for this current setup, I am currently using 600x800, which looks the best from what Ive tested so far. Any other settings in retroarch I should enable/disable or a better resolution I should be using?