Retroarch v1.8.6 - ParaLLEl no longer working on IOS

Using IOS 13.4.1 - ParaLLEl, no matter what GFX plugin, boots to a black screen.

Also with Mupen64Plus-Next having issues with black textures:

There’s no way to reliably play N64 on IOS. Does anyone know if these recent bugs, or longstanding?

Phew, I’m glad I’m not the only one! I would love any information on this as well. It’s very apparent in Beetle Adventure Racing, which is pretty much my white whale of N64 emulation - check out stage 2, Mount Mayhem and you’ll see the black textures right away. They’re also very apparent in Top Gear Overdrive. And I’m sure many others. It’s a shame because it runs fantastically otherwise.

And yeah, I can’t get ParaLLEl to get past a black screen, at all. Did it used to work? FWIW, I’m on iPadOS 13.5.

What’s interesting to me is Beetle Adventure Racing runs perfectly on my Switch with Lakka, as far as I can tell, using the same settings. No texture issue at all. Obviously dynamic_recompilation is off on my non-jailbroken iPad, but is that really what would cause this? Hmm…

Seems parallel is still broken through to 1.9.2? Anyone have it working? Hopefully mupen gets uploaded soon (so i can play some dk). Who knows maybe the textures will be fixed too! Heres hoping