RetroArch Wii/Gamecube Releases (v1.0.0.2)

RetroArch GX

This is a port of RetroArch to jailbroken/modded Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo Wii.

Cores currently supported:

  • Genesis Plus GX
  • SNES9x Next
  • VBA Next
  • NEStopia
  • FCEUmm
  • Mednafen PCE Fast
  • Mednafen NGP
  • Mednafen VB
  • Mednafen Wonderswan
  • Prboom
  • NX Engine (Cave Story
  • FInal Burn Alpha
  • Gambatte
  • Tyrquake
  • QuickNES


Oh BTW - any trolling over 240p modes and ‘accuracy’ / ‘pixel perfect image quality’ will not be tolerated over here - yeah that’s right, the guy who is infamous for doing that is pre-warned in ADVANCE (he knows exactly who he is).

A fresh start, more peaceful over here. Thanks for all your hard work guys, it’s much appreciated. :slight_smile:

This is great, thanks guys! It feels great here, let’s keep it clean and fun. @squarepusher I was wondering if you and the team got to take a look at Groose’s compatibility list for the Wii over @temp and if you liked it/referred to it? It’s in excel format but it’s highly accurate and has every single parent game for FBA. So if you’re ever looking for bug reports about controls for a specific game or anything else that you guys think you can fix it’s all there in regards to FBA at least.

Good to hear from you guys again, can’t praise you enough on how fantastic this project is XD


I have a problem with Mednafen PCE Fast Core. My GameCube controller is going crazy. This controller wants to go down in a row. No matter what i push. I tried “Shadow of the Beast” and “Rondo of Blood”.

Also, your EMU is fully working with other core! I used version on Wii.

What could be the problem?

Thanks in Advance!

Yup, I saw the list.

It would be best to plug it again though since it got drowned out in that thread with ‘you know what’.

This only happens with PC Engine games? Does this happen in the filebrowser menu as well?

Yes, this issue only happens with PC engine core. I play many games on FBA core and Genesis without any problem, also the GUI working perfect with GC controller.

Speaking of issues getting lost amongst the crap over on GBAtemp, I had noticed that when two Wii remotes are connected, player 2 is recognised as player 1 on restart/core switching. Just thought I’d re-post here.

I sent Groose a PM. AFAIK he’s been updating the list based on feedback and personal testing as well, and I haven’t seen him repost the compatibility list, so hopefully he’ll be uploading his most up-to-date list here. If not I’ll post what he put up on temp later.

That might just be some timing issues with repairing.

Also with people having controller issues: Are you using Wiimotes + Classic Controllers or GameCube controllers?


Good decision on the moving of the thread.

Haven’t had time to work on the list/try my hands at endianness much lately I am afraid - I did get some minor improvements in the simpl156 driver by switching some RGB values around but nothing more.

Anyhoos, as usual grab the list here:

I have seen a comment regarding some old '80s games on GBATemp, will look into it later tonight =)

Oh, and congrats on the release Square/Toad

@Toad King: I’m using original GameCube controller on port 1.

I am using Wii remotes with 2 official Classic Controllers.

I have the same controller bug issue in the file browser and setting menus.

I am using Hori Fighting Stick wii. I also have Classic controller and that works okay.

Problem is controller is constantly moving cursor downward. I can stop it by holding the home button and then can move upward, left and right but not down.

Tried retroarch and same problem.

Sounds quite serious yeah - I had hoped most of these issues had been resolved by now after marcan42 pointed out our derp in the analog controller code.

Perhaps ToadKing wants to investigate this.

Hey guys, after seeing ToadKing’s link, i decided to join in too in this new discussion. So, hello to you all! :slight_smile:

Libretro i read you Twitter feeds and first off, i really like and mostly agree with your stance on today’s gaming ‘‘industry’’. Although i must say have played a LOT of CoD multiplayer (the multi aspect in TDM & FFA is purely arcade competitive gameplay in my book) and due to the awesome pointer controls. Secondly, i read that a Quake core is planned for whenever the next update hits?

Yeah, it will be in RetroArch Wii as well.

It’s software rendered but with Unreal 1-style dither kernel filtering and some extras ontop. Software Quake 1had some things that GL immediate mode GLQuake didn’t have (such as warping water, overbrights, dynamic lighting, non-POT textures and so on) - so I like having a Quake port that looks as authentic as possible.

Plus I’m adament about a stable 60fps / 50fps framerate so I have made sure that the console ports at least run at a fixed framerate like that.

What are the benefits of using FCEUmm over Nestopia (or vice versa) on Wii?

From what I’ve seen, there are less audio/video sync issues and more vibrant color palettes than FCEUmm, I could be wrong, but it seems more accurate.