RetroArch Xbox 1 releases (v1.0.0.2)

RetroArch Xbox 1

This is a port of RetroArch to jailbroken / debug Xbox 1.

This is the official forum thread of RetroArch Xbox 1. It will serve as a support thread and as a release thread.

Cores currently supported:

  • Genesis Plus GX
  • SNES9x Next
  • VBA Next
  • NEStopia
  • FCEUmm
  • Mednafen PCE Fast
  • Mednafen NGP
  • Mednafen VB
  • Mednafen Wonderswan
  • Prboom
  • FInal Burn Alpha
  • Gambatte
  • NXEngine
  • Tyrquake

Downloads can be found at “the usual places”.

Updated to version 0.9.9 today.

NXEngine and Tyrquake in particular required a truckload amount of work to get them compiling and working on MSVC - never mind the crazy lengths I had to go to in order to make Tyrquake compile on a 2003 MS C++ compiler with standards compliancy worth jack all - and have it run (most important part).

Sounds like a lot of Work and effort. My xbox 1 hasn’t been turned on in

Seems to work great ! Snes,nes and genesis tried with success ! No problem during the emulation !

My comments are more on the retroarch launcher :

  • Freeze after a loading game failed (if you have selected a wrong core for example :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • “core selection” -> there is a little problem in navigation : when you press “B” button to get back in the parent folder it stuck in the current folder -> “failed to open directory” (but the title indicates the parent folder as if it works)
  • It could be always “Y” button or “back” button to get back to the main menu ? (one time it’s “B”, one time it’s “Y”)
  • It’s not possible to choose automatically the adapted core or suggest one like on the iphone ? (if you use the file extension to select the right core it will work in 98% of the cases)
  • What is “Doukutsu.exe” ? Why is it here on xbox 1 release ?

Thank you for this great release !!! Xbox 1 is a fabulous low cost emulator :slight_smile:

Doukutsu.exe is the Cave Story executable.

Regarding the inconsistencies of going ‘back’ with either B or Y button - yes, this will be addressed - RMenu is still a bit out of date with RGUI in that respect but it will be brought into line with that.

  • “core selection” -> there is a little problem in navigation : when you press “B” button to get back in the parent folder it stuck in the current folder -> “failed to open directory” (but the title indicates the parent folder as if it works)

Yeah I know about this - this will have to be fixed.

Version will be released soon with most of these things fixed so you don’t have to wait months at least for the next release at least but rather days or weeks.

Thanks for your answer. I can not wait to try the next version :wink: Where can I find an explication about ‘what is/ what are the differences between’ Rmenu and Rgui ? -> It was a little hard to find :smiley: but I finally found the information in “retroarch-CHANGELOG.txt” : “RGUI is an ingame menu that can be toggled from within the game. It looks and functions a bit like MAME’s OSD system. It is possible now to configure most of RetroArch’s settings from this builtin menu instead of having to exit the game and go to an ‘external’ settings menu.”

And now I’m about to test the xbox 360 version too.

Tyrquake core will not play quake mission packs Rogue or Hipnotic. I have tried many different ways to get this to work. The documentation says it should work but it does not. I have normal quake working(full game not the demo). I have the rogue and hipnotic missions in folders of the same name when I try to load the pak files from either of these missions it crashes in the loader screen and I have to turn off the XBOX by the switch. Similar problems on retroarch wii and ps3.
There is no problem with my quake version or mission packs as they all play fine with gl-quake. Has anybody got this working on xbox?

Is there a way to adjust the screen size to fit my screen properly? I use a crt tv sony trinitron 32" and almost all the emulators I tried (nes, snes, genesis, turbografx) seem to be overstretched beyond the borders of my screen which leaves stuff like the power up select at the bottom in gradius III to get cut off or health bars, text and score meters to be partially offscreen. I tried adjusting the aspect ratio in Settings>Video Options and it is already on 4:3 ratio, integer scale doesn’t seem to do anything, I tried 1:1 ratio which makes it fit with black borders but it will reset the screen to stretched out if I go to the GUI while a game is loaded and I would have to restart retroarch to get the screen size correct again but then I still can’t use the GUI once a game is loaded. Choosing Custom Ratio also causes the program to freeze. I would like for the screen to fit fullscreen like any console would on a crt without being overstretched.

Hi I really enjoy playing retroarch in the old xbox in my old crt tv.

But there still some problems that the developers probably already known. The overscan problem , the aspect ratio doesnt work well and when you try adjust the screen size, the xbox freeze. But I’m pretty sure that this problems will be solved on the next versions.

All emulators run great on xbox, but unfortunately, the vba next, even with the last optimizations doesnt reach full speed.

I saw some commits made on gpsp emulator, probably the fastest gba emulator and probably faster than vba next but less compatible i guess. I don’t known how to code, but i saw on the ps2 scene, that this emulator (gpsp) has been ported to ps2 and it run at full speed, but with using of dynarec. But even without dynarec the emulator was previously ported to ps2 and the performance was still good. But we are talking about a cpu that runs at 300 mhz and the old xbox has more than twice of cpu.

So my question is about the possibility of porting the gpsp to the old xbox. As i already said, i don’t known nothing about code, but i think it will run very well on xbox, maybe full speed without dynarec.

Sorry if i’m bothering. It’s just a question. Hope someone can answer me.

The next version will have proper working Custom Ratio.

Integer scaling and aspect ratios should be set correctly now as well.

The next version will have proper working Custom Ratio.

Integer scaling and aspect ratios should be set correctly now as well.[/quote]

Quick question:

I have seen some pretty good emulations of Killer Instinct 1 and even 2, but Mortal Kombat games aside 1 run very laggy and faulty. How is this possible? Can the first Xbox ever run any of those later MK games?

how good does the virtual boy stuff run on the xbox 1?

I know that this is old, but do you guys still have it working? Where can I download it?

Latest version is on the front page 40MB download

is there install instructions?

Please we need to add core reicast on xbox one to play dreamcast and naomi games

I used youtube and found this video pretty handy …

The link for xbox one on the download page doesn’t work anymore. Please fix it! :slight_smile:

The actual link should be:

But the link on the Download page is:

Hi there, fixed this issue.

I have used MAME also on the xbox1, though a few don’t work usually they do after trying out the different MAME cores.