Rewind & Forward on Mame core (0.222)

Hello! I would like to know if mame core (0.222) supports rewind and forward features because I can not be able to activate these options on Retroarch.

I press a key (“L” or “Space”) but it doesn’t work.

I think it depends on the specific driver within MAME. I think some of them may work with rewind, but generally not, and runahead will not work, period.

Ok. So if I want rewind & forward features in all the arcade games, what core do you recommended me?

Is there any possibilities to change that driver?

FBNeo is the best arcade core for features relying on savestates (rewind, runahead, netplay). I don’t know what’s your issue with forward, no core should have problem with it, it might be a configuration issue.

I have these options. Please, let me know if I need to activate more options:

  • any core should accept fast forward with default settings
  • as already said, mame isn’t compatible with savestates based features like rewind

I don’t know why doesn’t work. I have tried with 64th Street rom:

As you can see, the forward arrow appears on the corner of the tv but nothing happens.

Maybe mame doesn’t work with fast forward then, i’ve seen this with emulators that try to enforce their own timings instead of running frame on-demand. I’m surprised it would happen with libretroized mame though. You shouldn’t have this issue if you use fbneo, and if you do then it’s definitely something wrong with your settings.

Do you have installed on your retroarch mame, fbneo or fba core and works rewind and forward features? If yes, could you please post here your configuration of your cores?

I don’t use mame. Fbneo’s rewind and forward work with default settings.