RGPAD, a universal gamepad overlay

Hi, this is a gamepad overlay that I developed for my own use, but I thought it might come in handy for other people so now I’ve decided to share it. The thing is, RetroArch on Android is great but I never really liked its gamepad overlays (the default neo-retropad is pretty good but I don’t like buttons placement and also it doesn’t fit well with some emulated systems, i.e. N64). That’s why I developed RGPAD, a universal gamepad overlay that can make most RetroArch emulated systems nice to play on a touch screen :wink:


  • Works on most devices with a screen aspect ratio of 16:9 and up

  • Optimized controls and buttons layout

  • 3 different overlays: landscape, portrait and a portrait-tate mode (mainly useful for vertical games)

How to configure it:

(please note that most options should be already RetroArch defaults):

  • Set “Show Inputs on Overlay” to “Touched” (recommended)

  • Enable “Auto-Rotate Overlay” option

  • Enable “Auto-Scale Overlay” option

  • Set “Overlay Opacity” to 0.70 (recommended)

  • Set “D-Pad Diagonal Sensitivity” to 80% (recommended)

  • Set “ABXY Overlap Sensitivity” to 50% (recommended)

Also, for a true “handheld experience”, I suggest to set RetroArch UI to “rgui” and disable the on-screen overlay option “Hide Overlay in Menu”. But that depends on your preferences :wink:


  • Valent-in for its awesome RetroPad Editor ( https://valent-in.github.io/retropad-editor/ ). Especially at first, it helped a lot to understand how gamepad overlays worked in RetroArch!

  • Most of the graphics were made by me but some of them are modified images taken from other overlays shared on the Web. Credit to the original creators!

That’s all, enjoy! :wink:

Download RGPAD v1.0 here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1E05_mQT5MVvFE9PhLEIxe0KfXyQNMD0a/


This is great, thanks for sharing!

Would you be interested in having it in the official overlay bundle that comes with RetroArch?


I do love seeing people’s creations. A couple of screenshots would help browsers spot the potential :grinning:


Here they are :wink:




Yes of course! Having more choice is always a good thing for users :wink:

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Thanks you - confirm it works on iOS perfectly. Having the R/L/1/2 buttons bunched on right helps with better mouse control in some cores and some multi button rpgs, that’s a pretty good idea!


hey I signed up just to let you know that your overlay is the best! the buttons are neatly placed, very organized. I really love this timeless design.

any plan to add more emulator specific buttons? ie save/load state and rewind.

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Thank you, I’m glad you like my work! :wink: I don’t think to add other buttons either because there isn’t enough space in the overlay to do it but also because those features you mention (save/load, rewind) can be easily mapped with hotkeys.

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RGPAD v1.5

  • Improved range_mod taking advantage of the new features implemented in RetroArch v1.16.0

Download here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jXm9BT3RyTD8btobz9OlOaM7hoyCxL-c/

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