Run NEO GEO CD games on Retroarch (mame_libretro) via RocketLauncher



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I been able to make this work with the most recent version of RA.

With dummy files and CHD, make sure it is placed in a properly named folder with the bios, and add another folder inside called mame and add the hash folder inside of it, like this:


Don’t think I have come across this method before. What is your system/bios directory set to?


Bios need to be in the same folder as the rom/chd files


Hi! Where do these 3 bios down (, and

If possible could post a download link of the pack with retroarch + bios neo geo cd?



BIOS files are copyrighted and cannot be distributed or linked to here. Those files will be in the MAME ROMset alongside any games, and they need to be in the same directory as the games you’re trying to launch, AFAIK.


OK, thank you friend!


I love to play Neo Geo game mostly in Neo Geo game I play its Metal Slug, King of Fighters, Shock Troopers, Puzzle Bobble, Spinmaster, etc. That’s why is a really useful thread for me thanks for the suggestion about it.


It’s been some time, but I’m swinging back to this system. I’m running into the same road block during setup… Changes to controls can’t be saved.

I’ve setup mame_libretro succesfully for standard arcade use. The controls for general and this machine save just fine in the …/games/arcade/mame/ folder I keep my roms in.

Using this core for NGCD though, nothing get’s saved anywhere when I try to change the internal MAME controls - which I absolutely need to do in order to play the games on my setup.

I don’t know where to find where it’s loading the control files from when booting NGCD games. It’s not the …/games/consoles/SNK Neo Geo CD/ folder like mame arcade games, and it’s not the …retroarch/system/ folder either. I put my configured files in both to make sure.


I just checked with KOF 97, for NEO GEO CD, using latest MAME core and Retroarch 1.7.1 stable. Pressed tab when in-game, and configured some buttons, restarted retroarch and the same game, it was saved. I noticed that in Quick Menu/Options has some settings for MAME configurations, like “Read Configuration”, “Write Configuration”, mine are ON, try checking if you have a setup like this and see if it works for you.


Yes those setting need to be on for MAME cfg’ to take effect iirc it saves them into the “saves” folder


I tried enabling those settings, as they were off. Restarted to verify the core options saved, they did. Then I configured the MAME controls to my liking, restarted… and no change. Nothing saved.

Are your Neo Geo CD games in the same directory as your MAME roms?

@Thatman84 What saves folder are you referring to? I can’t seem to find anywhere it saves/loads anything when running games from my neo geo directory.

It’s like this thing only wants to save/load my mame configuration when the game I’m loading is in my mame roms directory.


My games are all compressed in CHD, the roms path are in another folder, as I use Hyperspin and Rocket Launcher loads everything. Checking where the configs are stored led me to this path:


There I noticed it created this config specific for NEO GEO CD, neocdz.cfg, inside it it has the config I saved for KOF 97, I can probably use it as a game specific configuration, but I’m not sure, and the current configuration will fit all other games anyway.



See my …/Retroarch/saves/ directory is completely empty! I’ve never had anything in there. So there’s def something configured differently here… just gotta figure out what now…

I did try copying my mame configs from arcade to the saves dir, but no change sadly :frowning:



So I got to thinking, and I’ve ALWAYS turned on the options in Options>Saving to put my saves and savestates in my content directory! So I isolated those two lines, and put a core override for MAME like so:

savestates_in_content_dir = "false"
savefiles_in_content_dir = "false"

Then put my existing MAME config in the save dir and BOOM!!! IT’S ALIVE!!! lightning strikes and thunder crashes MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

Ok, but seriously though, that completely fixed the issue. So, for some reason, the Neo Geo CD setup via mame get’s confused about where it’s supposed to read/write the cfg files to if ‘save to content dir’ options are enabled.

I NEVER would have figured that out without your guys help. Like, it never would have occured to me the cfg files were being handled as saves.

Now I need to actually sit down and curate this set of games. I’m missing a bunch of random ones lol

Again though, thanks guys. :smiley:


This could be a bug that would sooner or later frustrate many people. Consider logging an issue.

I keep meaning to start dabbling with MAME-git but I also keep getting into side projects with the older MAME cores. :man_shrugging:


How would one ‘log an issue’? I figured the best I could do was point it out here in case it was a bug.

Certainly seems like an unusual behavior lol it screwed with me for at least a year.


I’m sorry I jumped into some jargon.

libretro uses the ‘github’ service to keep track of its code as well as to add features and fix bugs.

For example, here is the RetroArch github repository:

To log an issue, you should check out these two links and then post a new “Issue” there with your RetroArch log and a description of what happens:


Ah yes I always forget about those new saving options. I leave as much stuff on default as possible just seems easier to deal with and simpler troubleshooting


As a sidenote, the fbalpha core now runs neogeo cd, see the repository readme for more informations.