Run NEO GEO CD games on Retroarch (mame_libretro) via RocketLauncher





FB Alpha doesn’t support chd apparently.


So I tried this method, and had some weird results. First let me say I like keeping a separate cfg file for each console. They are named after one. Here are some of my trials.

  1. retroarch.cfg, Load Retroarch, Load MAME Core, Load CHD. RESULT = Black Screen

  2. SNK Neo Geo CD.cfg, Load Retroarch, Load MAME Core, Load CHD. RESULT = Crash

  3. retroarch.cfg, Load RocketLauncher, Load Game. RESULT = Game starts, but in background, have to alt tab to bring it to front.

  4. SNK Neo Geo CD.cfg, Load RocketLauncher, Load Game. RESULT = Crash

So there we go, nothing seems to work exactly as it should. I find it odd that whenever I save a config under the console name seems to crash it every time.


I tried it here and it ran like a dream.

Using a cmd file with: neocdz -cdrom “/Games/Romz/MESS/Software/NeoCDz/Puzzle Bobble (ngcd-083e).chd” -rp /Games/Romz/MESS/bios/


I would appreciate if you could help me get this going. I finally got some chd files and I set it up as you described in your first post but when the MAME screen pops up RA freezes.


Do you have a Link for it Mate as I can’t find any in the Documentation area on Homepage


Go into the core updater. It’s near the top.


Theres a guide here [Guide] Play Neo Geo CD ISO games using FBAlpha


I read that. I don’t have isos. I have bin/cue and another set of chd.


I have the ISO and .Cue version and ISO Ones only 1 Works but has no Background Music just Sound Effects

Also can’t get the CHD Versions to load.


If you’re using CHDs, you can use MAME and also follow the guide here, there is an example included on Neo Geo CD


I will give that a Go


Well I have now tried bin/cue, iso, and chd and have yet to be able to get this to work. If anyone else could chime in that would be great. I have been wanting to play these games for a while now and I like RA cores because they have save states.

Thank you.