Running Win 3.x within DosBox?


Is it possible? Being Windows 3.x DOS based, could it be installed in DosBox, launched and inside of it, install Windows games?

Cleaning up my place I discovered some forgotten games and would love to play them again. Impossible to do under Windows10 64bit, and before installing VMWare or similar, maybe somebody already did the Windows 3.x inception and was able to play 16bit games with shaders and stuff inside RA.


Yes you can install windows 3.x just fine in dosbox


Guess I’ll try to add floppy mounting to the disc control interface


Sounds awesome radius. Thanks.


for now though, you can mount the floppies with imgmount


Added floppy mounting. For now the logic is:

If ISO|CUE then it’s mounted to D as cdrom If img then it’s mounted to A as floppy


I might have to try this myself too - what games would someone play on 3.x? The only one I can think of is Skiifree


Chip’s Challenge:


Retro City Rampage (yeah really):

Simcity: image

Not games but my dad use to have these cool screensavers (after-dark):

The Even More Incredible Machine: image

Etc :slight_smile:


You rock radius. Will give it a shot soon enough.

In my case, I played a lot of Humongous games (they were like learning games for Kids) even though they are now playable through ScummVM, and remember playing Zombie Wars (the sequel of Halloween Harry/Alien Carnage).

For sure it does not have a huge library like Win9x and on, but the memories…