Same Rom, Different Overlays?

Hi all, hope I am posting this in the correct place!

Am looking for a bit of advice. Ok, I am using Steam Deck as my emulator machine and am running Emulator Station. I have a folder called Arcade and have all my arcade games in there (duh!) and have applied some of Orionsangel’s awesome overlays. Now, these look awesome from a nostalgia and historical viewpoint but when actually playing a game I would prefer to play the games with largest screen possible. So, I copied the Roms to another arcade-type folder - FBNeo (Final Burn Neo) and I had thought that I could then go in and have the same arcade games without the Overlays for playing purposes. However, when I change the Overlays to the roms in the FBNeo folder it also affects the ones in the Arcade folder. Is there any way I can have same games with separate overlays or is that impossible and have to stick with one way or the other?

AFAIK, it will depend on how you set up your overrides.

Overrides look in config/[corename]/[core/dir/game].cfg, in that order (that is, they are prioritized in order of their granularity). So, if you have a bunch of game-specific overrides for the Orion overlays, those are going to load no matter what, as long as you’re using the same core, since they supersede all other overrides.

So, I think your only real option is to use a different core depending on whether you want to look or play.

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Yeah, sadly thought this would be the case. I can always resize the Overlays a bit to make the screen size a bit bigger. Thanks for the answer though.

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