Sameboy update?

Has the Sameboy core ever been officially updated? The downloaded core sits at 0.11.2 f1a75fc but the standalone sits at 0.12.

This core has it’s own custom BIOS that needs a dependency in order to be compiled.

Sameboy’s author was talking to the libretro devs about creating a libretro branch on the upstream repo with a precompiled BIOS that would be updated every stable release. And then the buildbot could be updated to pull from that. I think that was during the time people were abusing the netplay lobby, which divided the devs attention and it got forgotten. So we just have to wait for the author to reach out again.

In the meantime, I did figure out how to compile the core from upstream for Win64 using msys. I grab the precompiled BIOS files from the old buildbot branch, clone into the upstream repo, place those BIOS files in “home/[username]/SameBoy/build/bin/BootROMs” and then run make libretro. The .dll ends up in the “build/bin” folder. Here’s a copy I just built:


Hi @Awakened, do you happen to have some suggestions on how to build the latest Sameboy libretro core from upstream?

I’m using Mingw64 on Windows 10 x64. I tried to follow your instructions with regards to putting the precompiled BIOS files in that folder you mentioned, but when running make libretro I always stumble on some errors, mainly related to clang choking on pb12.exe and not detecting my Visual Studio installation. Did you manage to get through it? Any advice would be much appreciated!

It still works for me. It does say something about “no clang in…” at the top, but it built the core dll in SameBoy/build/bin after following the same steps as before. Here’s a copy if you still have issues:

Thank you! I did manage to get it working in the end. I had installed the clang package through MSYS2 and for some reason having clang was actually preventing me from compiling the core. I spent the better part of the weekend trying to figure this out…

I’m sure I would have never figured it out had I needed to install clang for something, so lucky you did and I hadn’t :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, RokkumanX here!

I made a pull request to update SameBoy to 0.14.3 and was hoping that you could possibly merge it soon?

I have built the core (win64) my self from my own repository and it works OK.

Really want the core to be up to date so other people can enjoy it on other platforms.

There is a small regression however with the sound in Donkey Kong Land/Super Donkey Kong GB but it have been present since the last Libretro update also (0.14.2 - d478d3e) and both @Ryunam and I have made an issue about it so hopefully it will be sorted out soon.

Thanks in advance!

as long as the prebuilt bootROMs are still in there, it should be good, thanks.

Hey, thanks for replying.

They are most definitely there, I checked and there were a prebuilt folder under BootROMs.

It doesn’t look like the PR have been merged yet however I’m eagerly anticipating the merge.

In the mean time, here is the pre-built SameBoy core with all updates (0.14.3 and then some)


I verified that it builds correctly without needing the additional bootROM deps, and it ran games fine, so looks like all-clear here. I poked Twinaphex to see about a merge.

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Thank you very much!