Save Content Override Feature useless on Cores for CD-based Systems

hello friends. Is there a way to get the Save Content Override working for Games that used an own folder/directory like the images for most CD-based games (PS1, SATURN, DREAMCAST… ) do?

i want to setup different video-settings for PAL and NTSC games. For most games (all cartrigde based games) i can use the content override feature, because i have stored my ntsc and pal roms in seperate directories.

But If i save an content override for an cd based system, RA looks for the actuall game directory, but not the Main Directory where i stored the games.

Is there any known workaround for this behavior?

Thanks a lot and please keep hold up the good work!!!

I have the game isos/cues in sub folders as well and the “save content” option works the same as all other systems. I think you have to make sure the folder names are the exact same as the cue files that you load. This is how i store my CD games:

Roms/ISOS/Sony Playstation/Crash Bandicoot (USA)/Crash Bandicoot (USA).cue

Then you can do the same as in other systems, make NTSC and PAL folders and put the game folders you want inside there as if they are regular roms.

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Thank You. i have stored my images like :

.\ISOs\PS1\PS1-NTSC\Crash Bandicoot (USA)\Crash Bandicoot (USA).cue

if i try to save an content-dir override with an CD-image, RA creates an override-file (for example “Crash Bandicoot (USA).cfg”) and applied the settings only for that game. exactly as the game-override will do.

if i try the same with a romfile RA creates a file named “GENESIS-NTSC.cfg” (depending on my romdir) and is appling the override-setting to all roms in that directory. Thats what i want with the cd based systems too.

You are right and i was wrong. I thought i had saved content dir overrides for CD based systems but i only saved core overrides. And yes, saving content dir won’t work if you have your games into subfolders.

I guess you can avoid this issue if you don’t use subfolders for each game. You could just use

.\ISOs\PS1\PS1-NTSC\Crash Bandicoot (USA).cue

It won’t look as nice but it works. I had my isos stored like that before i decided to clean them up and use subfolders and i had no issues except for games that had “track01”, “track02” and such for their files and would conflict with other games that use the same names for tracks. So i just replaced those with different dumps that use non-conflicting names for their files.

It’s not the fix you are looking for but it will do the job that you want.

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I suggest converting BIN+CUEs to CHDs for cores that support them. This way you have one file, one game.

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thanks for your help. Doing this for all my images would be alot of work. But maybe i give it a try. thanks for your suggestions anyway!!!

i think the developers could do an exclusion-rule. at least for games that uses the same name for game-folder and *.cue/bin-file, RA can automaticaly fallback to the directory above… or similary… such a feature would be helpful anyway i think and it would make the content-dir override feature even more usefull - without any kind of downside for other scenarios…

want do you think about ?

Another option, which has to be tested, is to keep the cuesheets separate (or make a copy) outside the subfolder, for example:


Then Game.cue has to be made to point to the files in the subfolder (example):

FILE "Game/Track01.bin" BINARY
TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00

I believe this should work, but I have not tested this myself.

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by this way i have to edit the cues of all my games games. A global solution where i dont have to touch/change every single of my games would be REALLY neat …

You can automate the process if you use this batch script:

for /r %%i in (*.cue, *.gdi) do chdman createcd -i "%%i" -o "%%~ni.chd

Save that in a text file and rename the extension to .bat. Grab chdman.exe from the latest MAME package and place it and the .bat in your Playstation folder. Double clicking the .bat will start the conversion process. That script picks up subfolders, so it will work with your setup. When finished you’ll have .chd files in your Playstation folder for all of your games (one file per disc) and you can delete the subfolders. You can use the extractcd argument with chdman later if you need to convert them back to bin/cue for patching or whatever. Though you’ll only get a single .bin from that. I’m not sure how to split the .bin into multiples like redump does.

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thank you for your answer. will be the CHD-files catched correctly by the internal Playlist Scanner?

I have a handful of PSX and Sega CD games and yes, the scanner works. PC Engine CD does not, it scans the wrong track (known issue).

This is only my experience, I can’t vouch for all games and systems.

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thank you guys for your effort, i will stick with configs on per-game-basis for pal-games.