Save/Load State does not appear in MAME core after copying the setup

I have a RetroArch setup that works fine and i decided to make a copy of it on a different drive.

I used a USB stick and copied the whole thing there. Then all i had to do was to change some directories for the new drive letter. (if necessary since RA is using portable directories unless i specify otherwise).

Everything works as before except one thing: When i launch MAME from the new disk, the save/load state functions in the “Quick Menu” don’t appear at all! But they do when i run RA from the original drive.

MAME is the only core that does this. All other cores have the save/load states working and i can load all my saves from there correctly. I tried to delete all MAME states from the new drive, in case there was a conflict, but even without any states the menu options don’t appear.

This is a copy-paste setup. Nothing is changed. It’s the same version of RA (1.10.3) and the same version of MAME (0.239) with the same config files. And since everything is the same (other than the drive letter) i can’t think of any solution to test…

All I know that will hide those settings is achievements hardcore mode.

I dont have those enabled.