Save State Hotkeys for Neo-Retropad

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I play GBC, NES, and GBA on my android and really love the default Neo-Retropad overlay - I like how simple and unobtrusive it is! So this is just a small update using the Retropad Editor to add extra custom buttons for save/load save state, next/previous save state, and portrait/landscape.


  • Save state
  • Load save state
  • next save state slot
  • previous save state slot
  • Landscape button
  • Portrait button


  • Rearranged icons using Retropad Editor
  • made landscape/portrait buttons visible


Download Neo-Retropad-Hotkeys

  1. Add contents to a new folder in your Retroarch folder on your Android. I called mine ‘Overlays’
  2. In Retroarch, go to Settings>On-Screen Display>On-Screen Overlay, tap ‘Overlay Preset’ and navigate back up through the parent directories until you find the folder where you saved the new overlay.
  3. Tap ‘neo-retropad-hotkeys.cfg’


  • Neo-Retropad (Assets)
  • Retropad Editor (Modified the original neo-retropad.cfg)
  • Photopea (used Modern Pictogram and Play-Bold fonts on top of a modified Neo-Retropad blank icon to mimic the same look and style)

Hi there! :wave:

I made some minor updates to the previous version - AND added a new overlay option with all of the save state buttons on top! So now we have a (renamed) ‘hotkeys-top’ and ‘hotkeys-bottom’! Choose whichever you like :blush:

Download the new version with both overlay options here: Neo-Retropad-hotkeys v3.0

New pics below:

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Hi there :wave:

Small update! I added a rewind button and moved the Retroarch menu to the center:

Download V4.0 here!