Savestates doesn´t work after psx core update

i just updated the ‘beetle psx hw’ core and ran the game but some save states appears to be corrupted, is there a way to install the previous version of the core? i think this could be solved by running the game with the proper core that i used to generate the savestates.

We don’t keep backups of any cores around, unfortunately, but perhaps someone has an older version on their machine that they can upload, or you could always checkout an earlier revision of the source code on github and build it.

i can´t say about the version of the core but i was playing 3 weeks ago before the update, to be more precisely, the date of my last savestate was 26 may but i didn´t updated the core for about a month, i hope somebody have the backup. Im asking for anyone that can read this post, if you have the core send me please, I will be grateful.

Try this one : )

didnt work but thanks a lot

Well try to be a bit more precise with dates then. Tell me what version you want, I might have it. I keep monthly backups.

can you send me all backups of march and april? now im a little desperated haha, i will be gratefull

This is 3rd of April, it’s what I use not sure if it fixes your problem.

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hahaha thank you dogway, it´s working fine, already saved the progress in mem card to be safe, God bless you man