Scanline pattern

I tried to make a scanline pattern overlay in Photoshop, but the result is very bad, what is the correct way ?

The correct way is to use a shader, any shader, like crt-geom or zfast, so it lines up with the game pixels.

There is this one though, floating around the Interwebs, that is supposed to replicate crt-geom.


I use it on devices that can’t use shaders at all. Don’t try to resize it or it will break.


Thank you very much I’m using android and I need full screen without cropping and also without integer scale so I need overlay zfast not good with non integer scale crt-geom works slow Do you have any recommendations?

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Z-fast absolutely needs integer scale so if you can’t use crt-geom then this overlay is your only option. (Or get a faster Android.:grin:)