Scanlines for 3:4 games on a 16:9 LCD screen , anyone?

hi members , I am using crt-royale kurozumi for FBA 4:3 content and I’m stoked with it.

I am playing 3:4 games (Cave etc…) in 4:3 YOKO mode. Is it possible to use that shader with a few tweaks or you guys are using something else ?

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I use Mega Bezel. You can try that instead if you haven’t tried it. It’s really impressive and is quite costumizable, for me is a good shader. You can try it here…

There is a Mega Bezel crt-royale clone available at \shaders_slang\bezel\Mega_Bezel\Presets\Variations\CRT-Flavors\Royale-Clone__ADV__GDV.slangp

Give that a try and see what you think.