Hi. I just scanned my Gamcube-folder for roms, I had 564 but only 560 was found by the scraper/scanner.

It would be nice to know how to find those 4 games that didnt match the database so i can add them manually.

If there isn’t any good solution to this, one would be to add all the roms in the folder to the list just make the ones not in the database another color or atleast the option to it, like manual scan but more convenient.

I could do a manual scan after the normal scan but with almost the same issue arise, search until your eyes bleed =P

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It is normal that you are missing games when you scan directory, it could be that the no-intro dat is out of date, that it is in a format not recognized or that the image is corrupted.

With the manual scan you should see all of them, what extension do you put when you scan? maybe those 4 are in another format.

Yes its normal as it happens everytime I scan, that’s why I wanted a change so I can find the ones that is not scanned in a easy way and yes when I manual scan I should see them all that’s why i wrote “I could do a manual scan after the normal scan but with almost the same issue arise, search until your eyes bleed =P” in my last post.

And no, every rom in that folder is in iso format, no zip no 7z no rar no nothing but iso.

My hope here is that someday normal is when everything scans. If the unscanable roms was noticed in a file like “not scanned.txt” or showed up somewhere else i could replace those iso’s and my next normal would be that everything gets scanned.

Who are making those dats/rdb files? What are they based on? Are they changing over time? I just noticed that my lha files got scanned properly in latest retroarch but not in lakka 4.3, does this means that every other non lha amiga games doesnt get scanned now or is the lha’s just added alongside the other ones?

You can do the manual scan directly, you don’t need to do the folder scan first.

I’m not understanding this, don’t they all show up for you in the manual scan?
If so, you are doing the scan wrong, you should get everything with the same extension you put in, because this scan skips the check.

RetroArch has a different scraper than other frontends, because it is based on checking that the image is correct, verifying the crc and sha codes.

That’s why it uses tested sets like No-Intro, Redump, Tosec. The game lists in RetroArch are created based on the official .dat files published by each project. Every time those projects are updated with new verified files, all the dats are converted to lists, but, this process is not instantaneous, sometimes it takes a long time.

About the friend lists, maybe they are already updated and that’s why you have them in the current RetroArch, for Lakka, you’ll have to wait for the next version to be released.

It would be wonderful to have a txt output with the missing games, but I don’t know if it can be done or if it will ever be done.

One clarification, “rom” is chip, it’s nintendo, genesis, etc. Gamecube is “disk image”. ISO is a type of disk image. Redump normally uses the cue+bin format, or converted to .chd

I don’t want the manual scan, I said in my first post that I know about manual scanning but manual scanning doesnt bring proper filenames and boxarts it just looks like crap and you have to edit the playlist manually to fix this, wich I don’t want to do.

What friend lists? are you talking about the rdb files? Yeah well I just copied my amiga rdb file from my computer to my lakka-rasp and that problems was solved.

Yes it would be wonderful, that’s why I’m writing here on the forum about it and maybe someone like the idea and fixes this.

Where can I find those official .dats?

Actually you didn’t say anything, that you did it after scanning the folder and your eyes were bleeding, but that’s not specific information to help you with.

Actually the manual scan works perfect, but, I have the same problem as you, that is a bug, it should be reported on github.

friend? LOOOL
“Amiga” is friend in Spanish, translator stuff. Good thing you found the solution.

There are many things they are doing with the lists, we will have them more optimized in the future, we have to wait.

Why do you want the no-input data if you use (and it doesn’t work) the manual scan?