Scripts , hokey or siwtch resolution

Good morning all! I see RA does not have an automatic switch resolution like groovymame, but with my CRT and modded drivers i found a great solution. for most platoforms i have i use the option “custom” “integer scale” "320 (x1) x 240 (x1), (the resolution is an example). it works perfectly, but some games in the same system sometime have a different resolution, so i go to the menu and with “custom” already on, i go to the resolution and i press “space” and it will automatically change in the native and for example it change in “320 (x1)” and “200 (x1)”

i’m using launchbox and it have native hotkeys script.

my question is:

is possible to create an hotkey that change the option automatically? custom, integer, (x1) ?

in this way , when game starts we can change immediately without going into the options and do those operations.

hope you understand what i mean, sorr for my english :slight_smile: