ScummVM How to add games with auto generating .scummvm files

I deleted my tutorial video and script, because the auto generation of .scummvm files can be automated with the core now. Read the explanation here in the replies: ScummVM How to add games with auto generating .scummvm files

There is a new feature in current ScummVM core, which covers this topic. It can be accessed from ScummVM GUI.

User now just needs to add the games from ScummVM GUI, then retroarch playlist and .scummvm files are handled automatically.

Here follows an extract of the help section, which explains how to use it.

ScummVM Playlist Generator

ScummVM core includes a tool to generate a Libretro playlist and needed hook files based on current ScummVM games list.

  • Load the core from RetroArch and start it to reach the ScummVM GUI (i.e. the Launcher)

  • Add games to the list as required using the GUI buttons (‘Mass Add’ available).

  • Select Global Options and then the Backend tab.

  • Check or select the path of frontend playlists. A ‘’ file will be created or overwritten in there.

  • Check the ‘Hooks location’ setting, to have one ‘.scummvm’ in each game folder or all of them in a ‘scummvm_hooks’ folder in the ‘save’ path.

  • Check the ‘Playlist version’ setting. JSON format should be selected, 6-lines format is deprecated and provided for backwards compatibility only.

  • Select the ‘Clear existing hooks’ checkbox to remove any existing ‘.scummvm’ file in the working folders.

  • Press the ‘Generate playlist’ button.

Operation status will be shown in the same dialog, while details will be given in frontend logs.

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That’s great! This option was added last month and I missed it. Guess then I should delete the script and video, to not confuse people as this is part of the core functionality.