ScummVM Infomation/Testing thread


Hi All,

EDIT: Game testing is complete for me…I will leave it for a while. Google spreadsheet has all the details.

FYI this was mainly just launch testing on my part…more indepth will be needed to be classed as a “proper” compat list.

-Original Post- I have been doing some low level testing of the core, I’m not really sure why it just popped into radar so I stuck with it.

@jdgleaver has made some great contributions to information and docs recently and it’s awesome to have someone with some knowledge around. :slight_smile:

This is my testing spreadsheet for launching games by .scummvm files on Shield TV

Anyone can edit it with that link. Maybe overtime it can be added to with more info.

The current core documentation had a recent overhaul with a very good beginners guide. SEE HERE

Also Jdleaver made a few improvements to the core mapping and game speed adjustments that were needed. Details Here

I expect this 1st round of launch testing with the scummvm 2.0 set of games to take another week or 2. I will probably go back over the notes I have made to fix a few things then take a break… It would be awesome to see others get involved in digging out info and testing games with this core.

I will do my best to update this OP if more info comes to light


I just added a few more games to the list… :slightly_smiling_face:

To be honest, I’m having a hard time finding anything that doesn’t work (although I don’t own any of the games that are currently listed as broken in the spreadsheet…) - the timing fixes seem to have brought the core mostly up to the level of the standalone version. It would be good to re-test the broken games at some point.

The only remaining bugs that I have experienced are:

  • Flight of the Amazon Queen: Game hangs if you try to close the core via the quick menu during a cutscene. It looks like the game engine itself is missing some ‘safety’ checks - I’ll probably try to fix this if I get time…

  • Tony Tough and the Night of Roasted Moths: There is a rare segfault when closing the core via the quick menu. This is hard to reproduce, and it looks like some nasty thread-related stuff. Not sure if this is worth investigating…

  • The core segfaults if you try to open the main ScummVM menu while the initial splash screen is shown - although I just made a pull request to fix this… :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll be interested to see what other issues are uncovered!


Thanks for the help. Greatly apreciated

I have come across a few games that crash on clean exit but have not documented those as it happens from time to time on other cores… Is that worth checking again and noting them down.

I am happy to loan you some of my digital copies for testing purposes if needed :wink:


I wouldn’t bother going through the whole lot again, but if you could find just a couple of examples of games that crash on exit, that would indeed be useful. FOTAQ crashes because that particular game engine is somewhat fragile (and probably needs a game-specific hack), but if there are more like ‘Tony Tough’ then it might be worth seeing if the ‘close content’ method can be refined a little for this core. (The current quit code is certainly ‘good enough’, but ScummVM fits rather awkwardly within the RetroArch framework and each game engine handles things differently… it’s a bit of a headache, to be honest…)

He he… Your generous offer is appreciated!

I’m kinda strict when it comes to ownership though… fortunately, I was something of a collector back in the day (back when I had more disposable income…), so I have boxed retail copies of most things… (the real issue is finding places to store ~5,000 games…)


I finally made it through testing to the sheet!!! :grin:

Going to go back through the notes and problem games, think I will end up launch testing again either for the crashes or to double check with the new core. I stuck to the previous core for consistence testing.

I respect your ownership views J no worries…

I will probably calm my work on ScummVM so I have been waiting for something Amiga related for months and it dropped last week. Need to have a play with that.

Although I did come across Beavis and Butthead last night which made my day…stupidly entertaining


Adding a quick not here as off to bed and tired,

All 4 of the MADE engine games are problematic for me…Maybe something specific to that engine.


That’s some excellent work right there - bravo!

All those green status entries are very comforting :slight_smile:

I notice that DreamWeb didn’t work for you - this game requires the fix in commit 3a9d1f5, so I would recommend a core update…

(I also removed the note in the spreadsheet about Flight of the Amazon Queen locking up on exit, since this is fixed now)

I have ‘The Manhole: New and Enhanced’ and ‘Return to Zork’ - both are working fine at my end (when launched via a .scummvm file). It’s possible that the ‘DreamWeb’ fix also benefits these games (I only had a very quick glance at the code, but it seems the audio system might hang without proper ‘timer’ event polling).

I’ll try to check out some of the other problematic games when I get time, and when they show up in GOG sales!

I think you’ve earned a break - you must be sick of ScummVM by now… :wink:

…and the Amiga is the best system ever. My childhood in a nutshell :heart:


Yeah I will hit a few more next few days then update core and retest…def a bit sick of it now lol…I did note down one non-working game with a gog release I found last night. May grab that soon.

I still have to do some artwork/database checking for ScummVM with Hyperspin but thats extra above the sheet so no break for me yet. I must complete my mission. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the tips and help…It really keeps my focus


So I have made it through basically all my testing now. Relaunched and quit each game I have only launching for a few seconds, so more indepth errors will need to be picked up by others in the future (Fingers crossed)

Yes that has fixed those, see below.

Full Pipe promoted to working FYI the load time is like 2mins!! Manhole, Dreamweb, FOTAQ & Return to Zork all working since update as expected

Mickey’s Space Adventure demoted to “Issue” - It launches but freeze’s up quickly and RetroArch crashes. Also freeze/crash on quit hotkey.

The only other crash on exit from my working games was Tony Tough - could be linked but I doubt it.

Final totals for my game testing

5 Games with issues at my end, some confirmed with another user (Broken Sword II I dont have the correct install afaik) 4 missing games from my set 4 games I cannot get to work 1 game working in core only (Zork - Grand Inquisitor)

246 Games launching fine

So with all that done I think I will take a rest from the games and testing to have a peak at artwork and preview videos.

I really hope the spreasheet gets found by others in the future and updated. :slight_smile:

I may add the odd bit as and when I find stuff.


This is fantastic! Your spreadsheet is an excellent resource for users, and it’s particularly useful for me as a validation of my bug fixes. You efforts are much appreciated :slight_smile:

246 working games is a splendid figure, and it’s great to know which ones still have issues. Work has just gotten crazy for me, so I’m not going to have any free time for a while… but I’ll definitely pick up copies of at least Phantasmagoria 2 and Starship Titanic at some point for testing, and I’ll have to track down a copy of Mickey’s Space Adventure (that gradual freeze is too intriguing to ignore!).

It’s also good that Tony Tough is the only other game with the ‘crash on exit’ problem. When I looked at it before, there were at least two different ways that it could segfault when closing, and at least one of those had nothing to do with RetroArch - so I reckon the way that RetroArch handles the ‘quit’ event is robust, and this is an ‘engine’ issue. Since the affected code is rather complex, and the game isn’t very good, I think I’ll leave this one as-is…

The only other bug that I’ve found (discovered it last night, in fact) is with Broken Sword II (I was the one that added this game to the spreadsheet :slight_smile:). As far as I can tell, the game works perfectly on all platforms - apart from Android, where it crashes as soon as you access the inventory. This bug is infuriating! The Android logs are completely useless, since the segfault happens in a secondary thread and all info is lost. I can’t reproduce it anywhere else, and the code looks fine - it might even be limited to a specific version of Android (all my devices are stuck with Lollipop). Unless an experienced Android developer wants to pick this up, I think we’ll have to consider the game to be Linux/Windows-only. (At least we can still play the PSX version on PCSX ReARMed)

Anyway, I’m sure loads of people are going to find the spreadsheet useful. I’ll certainly keep it bookmarked - I’m planning to (slowly) play through a whole bunch of ScummVM games on my tablet, and I’ll add notes on any issues I discover…


Great to hear someone appreciates the power of a spreadsheet :slight_smile:

I added (tested on lollipop) to the notes on broken sword 2. I I get the game working I will confirm the issue.

Play testing all the games is def a long “when you have time” project and I wish you well on the endevour!

I will certainly keep an eye on things and agree with you comments on the existing issues.

Without you and a couple of others help/knowledge this little project would not have yeilded as good a result, so thankyou for the input. The ground work is now complete for future users of the ScummVM retroarch core.

Happy Days :slight_smile:

PS drop a message in here if and when theres new notes/updates


Managed to fix up a few games after borrowing some from a frien :wink:

Also followed the audio parts of the guide. That guide is brilliant :slight_smile:


Excellent stuff!

That leaves a nice small number of games still with issues - I will take a closer look at these once the day job calms down a bit… :slightly_smiling_face:

And I’m glad you like the guide! Having the audio set up correctly makes all the difference in the world. I remember when I first discovered ScummVM years ago, and I thought it sounded awful! I was used to playing these games on the Amiga, with it’s superb Paula sound chip - PC Adlib just wasn’t the same. I couldn’t rest until I had the MT-32 and FluidSynth soundfont stuff sussed out… :wink:


Apologies for reviving an old thread but it seemed appropriate (let me know if not and I’ll make new one).

Been trying to get broken sword 2.5 (sword25) running on the shield using the retroarch core. I’ve got it running but the audio isnt working properly, seems to be missing most of it and the bits it plays sound like loud glitchy noises.

Has anyone else had this? Or is it working fine for others?



I couldn’t get this one to boot. Jdgleaver did iirc but it crashed after inventory.

Please add any findings to this spreadsheet amd maybe create an issue on the github page for the core. All the details are on the docs.libretro page for scummvm core.

Good luck


Will do, thanks! It works on the standalone scummvm APK so will head over to github. Think you helped me with hyperspin on their forums previously too, so thanks again for that!